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Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13

Hehehe, okay, so I obviously suck at doing long term memes :P But I was trying to get a bunch of my icons challenges done before the deadline so I'm using that as an excuse! But I have everything done and as soon as I post this, I am going to create all of the other posts so that all I have to do is make them public each day - then you guys can still see them and I have no excuses! Fair? :P

These five days are 'most recent', 'non-canon', 'group', 'villains' and 'bad canon' roughly. That's a pretty summed up version of each but you get the general drift. At least, I hope you do. Either way, take a look :D

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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] gilmore20in20, [ profile] movie20in20, [ profile] vampires20in20, [ profile] tvd_20in20 and [ profile] scifi20in20. A whole bunch but that's what happens when you've got no internet access (or an extremely slow dial up) and a bunch of challenges due. I've got more icons but I thought I'd do them in batches of 100 and that way it would be easier for everyone. They're mainly small files anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult to load. Let me know if it is. Some of the themes were harder to do that others and I took some liberties - don't worry, you'll know which ones they are :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Gilmore Girls - 1x18 (The Third Lorelai)
[20] Animated Movie - Anastasia
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Caroline Forbes
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Isobel Flemming Saltzman
[20] Eureka - Jo Lupo

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Snagged it from [ profile] kerrykhat who snagged it elsewhere who probably got it from so-and-so, etc, etc :P I only wanted to use each show once though some fit more than once. Edited slightly for the younger audiences :P

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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] smvl20in20, [ profile] scenes20in20 and [ profile] fandoms20in20. For Smallville we were given the topic 'Clark Kent' and I actually liked not having to choose. Put me a little more out of my comfort zone and I actually like the icons I ended up with. For Eureka I chose Zane/Jo - I adore them to pieces but I haven't managed to cap my s3 eps yet so I had to make do with what I had. LOVE this season though so I wasn't too upset :P And the theme for Fandoms was 'Goodies vs Baddies'; I always pick the good guys so I decided to pick a bad guy, though in hindsight he's still not really that bad (just broken) :P I've picked up mostly icons of late but there's non-icon related stuff on the way so don't worry :D

EDIT: Had a little bit of time to spare so I whipped up a couple of walls. I have some requests in the works, so more new stuff is on the way.

Please do not use without permission or credit.

[20] Smallville - Clark Kent
[01] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena
[20] Eureka - Zane/Jo
[01] Nikita - Michael/Nikita
[20] Smallville - Davis Bloome

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My icons for [ profile] nikita20in20 and my episode was 1x04 - Rough Trade. This was my first time participating in the community but I think I'm gonna try and make it a regular thing. I love Nikita (and not just because Shane West is in it) and I think I'm getting better at this whole making icons thing.

The Eureka icons were something of an experiment for my [ profile] episode20in20. I've only just seen Eureka and am SO excited that this show hasn't been axed! Especially after that last ep - come on! Talk about avoidance of a cliffhanger... Anyway, love the show and wanna icon it up but having trouble finding caps. Probably have to do it myself but I did find caps of one of my favourite eps, 'All The Rage', hence the experiment :P Let me know what you think.

Please do not use without permission or credit.



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