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This was my last submission for the Dark Angel Reverse Bang this year :) Just a simple Malec wall :)

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I loved the idea behind this fic and was absolutely thrilled once I had read it. I had a bit of a rough time with this because there were so many ideas in my head and I couldn't decide what I wanted to do. I would love to read more of this, a series really, and I can't believe that I got to work with another great fic!

You can read the fic over at her journal! Do it! :)

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I was super excited to do art for this fic! The title grabbed me instantly (being an Aussie, it would :P) and then the fandom just sealed it! I loved the premise, and the snippets were fantastic. Also, the whole idea of wipbigbang is to encourage people to finish anything that may be lost in the shuffle. I am most definitely in that category occasionally - actually, I also signed up as an author this round :P But I'd been missing Sanctuary so I couldn't resist :D

You can read the fic over at AO3! Do it! :)

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I signed up as an artist over at SFBB and was given the absolute pleasure of working with [ profile] ninety6tears for a Dublin Murder Squad Series fic. Let me tell you now, I know not the fandom, but it didn't matter in the least because the fic If I Knew Where Cover Was was just fantastic! It brought everything to life! My art does not do this fic justice so please head over and check it out - it is worth it!

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My first of three [ profile] het_bigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] alyse's The Lies You Live. There is not enough love for this fandom and certainly not enough for this pairing! I would have done the art for this based on the author alone, but when you combine an amazing author with such a fantastic fic? No contest! You should have seen how frantic I was to get this fic during claims. I stayed up 'til the early hours and accidentally fell asleep - there may or may not have been a minor panic attack when I woke up ten minutes after claims opened :P Luckily, the other artists were distracted by the sheer amount of awesome fics that I snagged this before most of them could!

Summary: Abigail Whistler has always known her role in life - her mother may have raised her, but she's her father's daughter through and through. Vampire slaying is in her blood and in her bones, but when her path crosses that of a smart-mouthed vampire who seems perfectly happy to die, she's left questioning everything she thought she knew.

While her team work to cure Hannibal King of his vampirism with an experimental antivirus, she finds herself warming to their captive in spite of her reservations. And when their actions turn out to have devastating consequences, Abby's loyalties are left torn.

As events spiral out of control, and with no idea whom to trust, Abby needs to learn to trust her own instincts if she wants to survive.

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My second of three [ profile] het_bigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] always_a_queen's Someone Borrowed. I love Mikita and had a ball doing the art for this! It is AU but could totally fit into canon so easily! I was just fitting various eps in as I was reading and using the fic as flashbacks to the series' storyline - it really is that seamless!

Summary: Pre-series AU. Michael and Nikita go on a long-term undercover assignment. Angst ensues. // “There’s a wedding band on her fourth finger and a matching one on Michael’s hand, and no amount of prior experience or training could ever prepare her for this.”

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My third of three [ profile] het_bigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] shirleyann66's Now and Then. I have to say that I hadn't really thought about Beck and Heather together, not because I didn't like them together, but mostly because I was I focused mostly on Jake and who he should end up with. But I have to admit that while watching it, I did like the chemistry between Beck and Heather and was so heartbroken that she had to betray his trust like she did. So, long story short :P as soon as I saw this pairing I just had to do the art for it!

Summary: The USA was changed forever when nuclear bombs destroyed 23 cities. Two years on, the country has survived a second civil war and the last remnants of government authority have been relocated to a small town in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas - a town called Jericho. Major Edward Beck arrived in Jericho as an opponent and is now its staunchest defender. But he also carries a personal burden: his wife and daughter have been missing since the bombs went off. Over time, he’s grown close to the people of Jericho, especially to Heather, the woman he’d hired as his liaison. She’s now his closest friend and ally, and perhaps – in time – something more. Until his wife is found…

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I picked up a fic at [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang called Welcome To Hotel California and was written by [ profile] minviendha. I loved the idea of this fic, if only because it's such a brilliant song, and putting Dean and Sam in the middle of something like that? DEFINITELY something I wanted to read! :P

Summary: In the middle of the desert, a mysterious, vanishing hotel invites people inside and submits them to the will of its mistress.

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Well, a couple of weeks ago I disappeared from here and spent a few days on Tumblr. I've had a Tumblr account for awhile but I didn't really use it because Tumblr was too confusing and I didn't wanna take the time to learn :P But [ profile] sunriserooftops practically lives over there and I couldn't catch up with her on Twitter so I decided to visit. Not only did she manage to keep me there for a few days while I looked around and figured everything out but she got me hooked on Dramione... I am, by no means, an expert on HP and the only real exposure I've had to it is all you wonderful people in my life that have various pairings from the fandom but I was very inspired to make a bunch of art and write a couple of drabbles for [ profile] sunriserooftops. I promised I'd post everything here so enjoy!

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I signed up to do art at [ profile] harryhetbigbang because there are a fair few of you on my f'list that love Harry Potter. As you know, I don't particularly care about the fandom one way or the other but I do love doing art for you guys and I love reading good fics :) I got my first choice, which was [ profile] mihnn's A Final Goodbye. I loved the fic and absolutely loved doing the art for it! All of the HP lovers on my f'list should definitely check it out!

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For [ profile] au_bigbang. I got the AWESOME opportunity to work with [ profile] not_from_stars's AMAZING fic, Time Entangled and I'm lucky enough to get to work with another one which I will be posting later. This one, however, was a Primeval fic and I was pretty stoked to get to delve into work! I haven't really had a chance to play around with art for the fandom much so I'm still working out the kinks but for this batch I was going for the darker, edgier theme to match the fic. Definitely read the fic! :D

Summary: Having worked for the Anomaly Research Center for a few years, Nick, Stephen, Tom, Abby, Connor and Claudia thought they had seen everything. But when an incursion turns out to be people instead of rampaging animals, that's not the only shock they get. Abby and Stephen are the first on the scene when Abby and Connor come through the anomaly. Abby and Connor are from a time line where some things have gone horribly wrong. Now, not only do they have to convince this timeline's version of their friends what has happened, they need to find their way back to their own home and timeline.

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My slight addiction to BBs may have drawn me over to [ profile] paperlegends for their claims. I'd only recently discovered [ profile] paperlegends but there was a HUGE range of fics to choose to do art for! If you haven't already, go check it out! Anyway, RL got in the way for my author and they had to drop out but luckily for me, so did another artist so I was THRILLED to work with [ profile] darkmagic_luvr's AMAZING fic, Sins of the Father. I love ArMor and this fic was just brilliantly set after 2x08 - Sins of the Father. You can probably tell by the art that I was heavily influenced by my favourite scene in the fic :P I won't tell you what happens but once you read it, you'll get it.

Summary: There are some sins that cannot be forgiven; these sins of the father.

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[ profile] tanaquific wrote an AMAZING fic for [ profile] au_bigbang called (Follows You) Back Home. I was quite torn when I first watched Jericho because I love Heather and I hated that Jake just couldn't let go of Emily but as the series progressed, I grew to love her so I became a solid supporter of Jake/Emily. But I still love Heather and doing the art for this was great because I could go back to those original roots :P Definitely check out the fic and the whole series if you get the chance! :D

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This is my art for a [ profile] darkangel_bb fic. [ profile] la_rubinita wrote an outstanding Malec fic, What's Underneath and you should definitely read it asap! Especially because there isn't as much DA love anymore and an awesome fic like this will definitely be something you wanna read!

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Another [ profile] scifibigbang BB fic that I chose to do art for! [ profile] realstone1903 wrote a fic called A Love Story Born Among The Stars and I loved the idea of it!! I was lucky enough to get to do the art for it and had a real challenge with it! I didn't want to give away too much of the fic but I wanted to draw you in. This is how I went :D

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My first of two [ profile] scifibigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] kittydesade's Underground: The Hollow Men. It's a fantastic fic and I knew I was going to love it just from the summary. Hence, why I picked it! :P I may or may not have been heavily influenced by Dark Angel (as my DA mates will recognise :P) but I kept everything relational to the fic because it's definitely not DA. I really hope you guys go read this 'cause you're really gonna love it. I've been exceptionally grateful to have done the art for fics with brilliant endings and this is no exception!

Summary: They thought they had mastered the genetics to turn off or on the perfect soldier. They were very, very wrong. Now their Defense department experiments have spilled out onto the streets, injuring a data courier and spreading through the underground of the city like a plague of street-level nightmares. And all it takes is one woman who knows more than they think to pull the thread and bring it all tumbling down.

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My second of three [ profile] fantasybigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] quantumlobster's brilliant fic, Dust And Water. It was nothing like I thought it would be! I absolutely loved it but my only warning is that you need to make sure you have your tissues with you when you read it! [ profile] pekori did the mix for this fic so make sure you have a look!

Summary: Aren, a young officer in the army of the Tyrunian Empire, is brought on trumped-up charges to an internment camp established by his own army to contain political prisoners, built in the middle of the enkava, the poisonous dead zone around the destroyed city of Dracia. He reluctantly joins the other captives in eking out a marginal existence, though there seems to be a hidden purpose to their actions that he cannot discern. Upon fleeing the camp after the other inmates were killed by Tyrunian soldiers in response to shifting political winds in the Empire, Aren finds himself the unwilling custodian of the secrets that they had risked their lives to preserve.

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Okay, I know my latest BB was due and should've been posted but I have a reason. Whether or not it is good is another issue :P I've always been one of those people who frowns at students who don't turn in an assignment because their 'computer' broke or they 'couldn't get the printer to work'. I'm always of the mind that they should have done it earlier and wrinkled out the problems :P But it turns out the scanner does NOT approve of Win7 and as you know, I actually drew it this time so I was waiting to the last possible second to put it up so I could keep 'fixing' it. DARN MY OCD!!!

Anyway, my awesome family is gonna try and scan it up at the uni tomorrow so I promise it will be up, just please be patient with me! :D

Also, for those that are keeping an eye on my sidebar, yes, the BBs are all like a day apart each but I'm totally on top of it and all the posts are up, just still private so you can't see them :P The BBs that I'm writing are actually quite a bit behind so I'm hoping that this all settles enough so that I can get all those words out *goes off to check minimum word counts*
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My first of three [ profile] fantasybigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] tehexile's AMAZING fic, The Adventures of Scribe. Fantastic fic, very tongue-in-cheek. Definitely check it out! I also must apologise for the art - I decided to try my hand at actually drawing the art so that it was more like what [ profile] tehexile had in mind but I haven't drawn in over ten years so my skills are somewhat... lacking. Not even sure if they were there to begin with. ANYWAY, I did up a few pages and then chucked a hissy fit in frustration but my hubby insisted I post anyway because he liked them so this is what I ended up with!

Summary: An unlucky apprentice to the Grand Library of Brokenshire is sent on an errand to retrieve an overdue library book from a dragon. On the way there, a mysterious object falls from the sky and almost hits him on the head. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, the object turns out to be a piece of the machinery holding the world together, which is broken. He is sent to the Celestial Plane to return the piece to the Celestial Bureaucracy and make a complaint. When the overzealous Infernal Bureaucracy learn what is going on and decide that the world is beyond repair, it becomes a race against time to repair the world before it is removed from existence altogether.

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Some gifts for the Gift Giving Exchange over at [ profile] owemebreakfast. I was lucky enough to get [ profile] thedreamisreal and I had a tough time deciding what to do; there were so many options and I started off with the John Connor wall but my muse had different ideas and that's where the Percy Jackson ones came from :P

I have to apologise for the lateness of these! They were supposed to be up by yesterday but I had put them aside when I was getting my BBs up and completely forgot about them after that. My very bad!!!



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