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Title: Don't Want An Ending
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: On her way back to Hartford, Rory bumps into someone she never thought she'd see again.
Notes: Finished for wipbigbang. Started forever ago and I attempted to bring it all together for JourneyBB but alas, RL. Now, however, finished! Even better, the awesome [ profile] frea_o made some art for me! YAY! Check it out and don't forget to leave kudos! :)

As for the fic, I cannot tell you why I separated it into three parts or what the titles mean (it was absolutely too long ago) but I had a mix that I used when originally writing this and I'll get around to uploading it soon. There are several references in this to some of my other Trory fics (I am pretty stuck on my headcanon :P) but I'm unsure which ones they are and if I've posted them. Some of them I've posted snippets of around the place. One of them focuses heavily on Tristan's career and the novels and I think I've posted some of that somewhere, though it's still primarily on my computer and exceedingly long (despite being unfinished). This is gonna be long but I'll put it all under the cut :D
AO3 Link

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Before I Lose My Sense of Reason (Alec/Max):

An OLD (May 2010) vid that was laying around on my lappy. I did a few tweaks before rendering it but I may have missed a few and I'm quite rusty so bear with me. I'm in the process of doing a requested vid for JBGetchaVibramsOn so there'll be another one up soon. Let me know what you think of this one 'til then! :D

And I realised half way through uploading that I'd forgotten to put my usual information on the vid - it's taking FOREVER to upload so I'm not redoing it but if you wanna know, just send a message my way :)

Can't Risk Another Goodbye (Tristan/Rory):

Requested by JBGetchaVibramsOn (pairing & song) but I've spent hours doing this so I'm not going back if there are any mistakes (though hopefully there aren't) ;P It was SO much fun getting back into Trory and I know that it's a rare sight these days, so hopefully everyone loves a bit of nostalgia!

And hopefully this is lighter! That last one was terribly dark once uploaded (though it was perfect after it was rendered). I've loved getting my viddin' on so if you guys have any requests, swing them my way! :D
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Title: Stirrings Of Destiny
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: Tristan reflects
Spoiler: Set after 2x09 – ‘Run Away, Little Boy’
Notes: ‘I Still’ lyrics by Backstreet Boys

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Okay, I know it totally looks like I signed up for another big bang (and I kinda did) but it's for [ profile] journeystory and I can totally get it in on time - I swear! I really wanna write a road trip fic and I don't think I've ever written one before. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong :P If they're written well, I love reading them, but I don't think I've ever put pen to paper for one. Or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be :P

I'm writing this one for the awesome Trory fans over at Fan Forum although the idea of a Trory road trip is making me *squee* like crazy!!! :D
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Okay, so I'm in a completely fluffy mood and this piece is definitely indicative of that. Another one of my pieces from the Air Supply marathon I had yesterday :P I was gonna post it with the rest of my Trory stuff today but [ profile] thewickedquill will be up any minute and no doubt looking for her Trory love so this is to tide her over while I finish the last bits of the others :P

Title: Forever Girl
Rating: PG13
Summary: He has everything planned for him... almost
A/N: Song is ‘Every Woman In The World’ by Air Supply. I scribed the lyrics so if there are any mistakes, they’re mine - and I’ve probably been singing them that way my whole life :P
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Okay, don't ask how I got here. I have no idea. I was doing some art for The Pretender and then all of a sudden I was doing Trory manips. I know, they're not even related. But then this came out... It's not great or anything but it'll give all you Trory lovers (hopefully) some Trory love :D

NB/ As with the majority of my post-GG Trory stuff, the images of older Tristan are of Lucas from OTH.
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Another submission for my H/C Bingo Card. The prompt was 'COMBAT' and though there are several fandoms I could have used, there weren't a whole lot of prompts that I thought suited Trory so I went with this one! I've got a couple more that are pretty much done so they'll probably be posted tomorrow but it's nearly midnight so all I could get posted was this one :P

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So, as I've already mentioned before, there's fundraising going on over at [ profile] stop_sids and I'm gonna put up an offer post over there but I realised that I was a little behind in my art/fics for the Forclosure Sucks! so I'm just catching up first. A HUGE apology to [ profile] homentheatre, [ profile] krys_oak and [ profile] thewickedquill for the delay; I wasn't very well for a while and these completely slipped my mind. Fortunately, they all knew what was going on in RL and aren't fazed but I still want to apologise! This is the first post with requested walls by [ profile] homentheatre and [ profile] krys_oak. More is on the way but I realised I couldn't post it all at once otherwise it would be too long :P

[1] Bones - Booth/Brennan
[1] Caprica - Gen
[1] Gilmore Girls - Tristan/Rory
[1] Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione
[1] Smallville - Clark/Lois
[1] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena

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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] onlytext20in20. Okay, now through this challenge I have discovered that I suck at only text icons but the good news for you guys is that I figured it out now! I'm gonna be checking out all of the other entires so that I can figure out how everyone else does it and hopefully next time it will be a better set :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle, I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Text Only

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Okay guys, as you know, I signed up for a gazillion 20in20s and I love them to pieces but there was too many at once so I've separated them so I end up only doing a few at a time :P Clever, huh? ;) Was in a very Gilmore Girls mood today so when I saw this, I just had to sign up.

I'm very excited for this!!! AND it's not a 20in20 so I don't have to worry about overextending myself :P Go sign up if you want, I'll battle you!!! *raises sword*

Also, I'm really sorry about the constant changing of the layout. I promise, I will pick something soon, but in the meantime you'll just have to stay with me, m'kay? I'll figure it all out and it will be pretty!! :P
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So, [ profile] kerrykhat posted a meme and I thought I'd do it and see what I got. One of those 'put your answers here and insert into this' - which sounded very different in my head before I typed it...

Anyway, the meme said: "List twelve of your favorite characters from your favorite fandoms, in no particular order. Then answer the questions about them." So I've picked:

♥_______________01. Buffy Summers (BtVS)
♥_______________02. Dean Winchester (SPN)
♥_______________03. Rory Gilmore (GG)
♥_______________04. Tristan DuGrey (GG)
♥_______________05. Alec McDowell (DA)
♥_______________06. Max Guevara (DA)
♥_______________07. Veronica Mars (VM)
♥_______________08. Logan Echolls (VM)
♥_______________09. Katara (AtLA)
♥_______________10. Zuko (AtLA)
♥_______________11. Sonny Munroe (SWaC)
♥_______________12. Chad Dylan Cooper(SWaC)

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Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13

Hehehe, okay, so I obviously suck at doing long term memes :P But I was trying to get a bunch of my icons challenges done before the deadline so I'm using that as an excuse! But I have everything done and as soon as I post this, I am going to create all of the other posts so that all I have to do is make them public each day - then you guys can still see them and I have no excuses! Fair? :P

These five days are 'most recent', 'non-canon', 'group', 'villains' and 'bad canon' roughly. That's a pretty summed up version of each but you get the general drift. At least, I hope you do. Either way, take a look :D

Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13 & 14 )
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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] bbcshows_20in20, [ profile] cw20in20 and [ profile] lovebites20in20. I fell asleep on my computer whilst trying to post these because LJ was down *frowns* Rather inconvenient and left me with a sore neck. I'll have more by the end of the week but I'm posting these now because they're due :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle, I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] The Vampire Diaries - Elijah
[20] Gilmore Girls - Lorelai
[25] Robin Hood - Entire Series

20IN20 ICONS )
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Day 04, 05 & 06

I know! I lasted three days in and then forgot! But in my defense... wait, there is no defense. Either way, I am doing the days I missed now so don't be too upset! :P

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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] gilmore20in20, [ profile] movie20in20, [ profile] vampires20in20, [ profile] tvd_20in20 and [ profile] scifi20in20. A whole bunch but that's what happens when you've got no internet access (or an extremely slow dial up) and a bunch of challenges due. I've got more icons but I thought I'd do them in batches of 100 and that way it would be easier for everyone. They're mainly small files anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult to load. Let me know if it is. Some of the themes were harder to do that others and I took some liberties - don't worry, you'll know which ones they are :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Gilmore Girls - 1x18 (The Third Lorelai)
[20] Animated Movie - Anastasia
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Caroline Forbes
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Isobel Flemming Saltzman
[20] Eureka - Jo Lupo

20IN20 ICONS )
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Snagged it from [ profile] kerrykhat who snagged it elsewhere who probably got it from so-and-so, etc, etc :P I only wanted to use each show once though some fit more than once. Edited slightly for the younger audiences :P

READ ON.... )
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My 20in20 for [ profile] episode20in20 and [ profile] cw20in20. I chose The Vampire Diaries and the episode 'The Sacrifice'. It's not my favourite episode and there's a number of reasons that I love it but mostly i just thought it would be fun :D I also picked Rory Gilmore for my CW character. So, take a look and let me know what you think. Oh, and because of my bright lappy screen, they were all really dark. I've lightened them up but if they're still dark, keep that in mind. Hopefully whatever lappy I get next has a normal screen :P

Please do not use without permission or credit.

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Over at [ profile] cw_land we had a challenge for Post Secrets. You know, the place where people can go and post a secret and get it off of their chest? Well, we had to do something similar but from a characters point of view. I was unsure about this at first seeing as I hadn't really heard of Post Secrets but I ended up having a lot of fun and did a bunch before I realised I'd done too many :P Thought I'd post them here for you to enjoy too! :D

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These are my submissions for the Deadzone Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. I'm loving the challenge of doing all of these [ profile] 5_times prompt tables and am determined to get through them all! For this challenge at [ profile] xoverland I had to focus my crossover fics on a dead person so I chose Cassie Newton. I mean, she was the first person who popped into my mind anyway :P Usual thing goes - have a look and tell me what you think :P

Five Times Cassie Newton Gave Advice )
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My submission for the [ profile] ilove20in20's 'Couples' round. I picked Trory (Tristan DuGrey and Rory Gilmore) and as a side note, it was exceptionally hard to find caps for the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls so I ended up capping them myself! YAY!!! Very excited and found a great program so I think I'll probably be capping most things myself from now on. Anyway, check them out and tell me what you think - the prompts were all sort of rainbow-y so I went with that theme :D

Please do not use without permission or credit.

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