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So, as stated, I've begun posting a new fic. This one is already quite long and has been sitting on my computer for a LONG time, with small bits of editing here and there, added chapters, etc. but with everything going on in RL, I just haven't had the time to finally finish it. Still haven't, by the way, but my beta persuaded me to post this now and see what the reaction is from others. Even if everyone hates it though, I'm still gonna write it. It's cathartic to have something I enjoy to come back to when I need a break :P

Anyway, probably won't interest a few people here but I'll post it over at Tumblr too :P

Sanctuary for Magical Creatures
M; Dramione; W.I.P
"After the war, Hermione has the unique opportunity to finish the work she began years before and thus begins the Sanctuary for Magical Creatures - a home for magical creatures that need protection from the wizarding and muggle worlds alike.

Where would you go if YOU were looking for sanctuary?"
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Title: The Suit and the Face
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: With magic involved, things are not always as they seem.
Notes: I wrote this for scarlettcat for the Otter and Ferret Gift Exchange. Due to RL, I was a day late in submitting it but the lovely people at O&F let me post it in Otter and Ferret Forever.
AO3 Link

The Suit and the Face )
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Title: Unwilling Witness
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes you just can’t move on...
Spoiler: Set post-series.
Notes: ‘Flame Trees’ lyrics by Cold Chisel

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Your result for The Sorting Hat Test...
You scored 50% Order/Chaos, and 42% Moral/Rational

Rationality with an orderly/chaotic split. What you strongly know is that you try to be rational, objective, and like to consider things as shades of gray. On order, you see the value of rules and organization but equally can become impatient and advocate a rather loose system. Your strengths arise from your ability to consider both radicals and straightlaced authority objectively; however, it can turn on you when others feel betrayed by the fact that there are few you support unconditionally and consistently.

I know I'm supposed to be writing, and as soon as I post this, I will be, but I was sidetracked :P I have to say that I'm quite surprised by this - not entirely sure why, but I think it might be the Slytherin aspect. I guess I was just expecting something ordinary with Gryffindor and maybe a cross with Hufflepuff so I've been given food for thought! Not that I will be thinking about it at all... I'm gonna be writing... :P
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Well, a couple of weeks ago I disappeared from here and spent a few days on Tumblr. I've had a Tumblr account for awhile but I didn't really use it because Tumblr was too confusing and I didn't wanna take the time to learn :P But [ profile] sunriserooftops practically lives over there and I couldn't catch up with her on Twitter so I decided to visit. Not only did she manage to keep me there for a few days while I looked around and figured everything out but she got me hooked on Dramione... I am, by no means, an expert on HP and the only real exposure I've had to it is all you wonderful people in my life that have various pairings from the fandom but I was very inspired to make a bunch of art and write a couple of drabbles for [ profile] sunriserooftops. I promised I'd post everything here so enjoy!

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I signed up to do art at [ profile] harryhetbigbang because there are a fair few of you on my f'list that love Harry Potter. As you know, I don't particularly care about the fandom one way or the other but I do love doing art for you guys and I love reading good fics :) I got my first choice, which was [ profile] mihnn's A Final Goodbye. I loved the fic and absolutely loved doing the art for it! All of the HP lovers on my f'list should definitely check it out!

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I know I shouldn't bow to peer pressure but I was curious! Apparently, I'm more Dumbledore than anything and I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it :/

Snagged from [ profile] xmaidelx

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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Part two of the walls! Requested by [ profile] homentheatre and [ profile] krys_oak.

[1] Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Angel/Buffy
[1] Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione
[1] Ouran High School Host Club - Tamaki/Haruhi
[1] Veronica Mars - Logan/Veronica

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So, as I've already mentioned before, there's fundraising going on over at [ profile] stop_sids and I'm gonna put up an offer post over there but I realised that I was a little behind in my art/fics for the Forclosure Sucks! so I'm just catching up first. A HUGE apology to [ profile] homentheatre, [ profile] krys_oak and [ profile] thewickedquill for the delay; I wasn't very well for a while and these completely slipped my mind. Fortunately, they all knew what was going on in RL and aren't fazed but I still want to apologise! This is the first post with requested walls by [ profile] homentheatre and [ profile] krys_oak. More is on the way but I realised I couldn't post it all at once otherwise it would be too long :P

[1] Bones - Booth/Brennan
[1] Caprica - Gen
[1] Gilmore Girls - Tristan/Rory
[1] Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione
[1] Smallville - Clark/Lois
[1] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena

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My submissions for the Yellow River challenge at [ profile] xoverland. I've used another two of those [ profile] 5_times tables which means I only have one left to do before I've completed them all! YAY!!! I wanted to do two tables and thought it would be a great idea to separate the tables so that there is a conclusion to each one in the other. Does that make sense? Makes sense in my head anyway :P Check them out and let me know your thoughts. Concrit anyone? :D

Five Times Dawn Experienced Magic )

Five Times Sam Experienced Magic )
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These are my submissions for the Deadzone Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. I'm loving the challenge of doing all of these [ profile] 5_times prompt tables and am determined to get through them all! For this challenge at [ profile] xoverland I had to focus my crossover fics on a dead person so I chose Cassie Newton. I mean, she was the first person who popped into my mind anyway :P Usual thing goes - have a look and tell me what you think :P

Five Times Cassie Newton Gave Advice )
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These are the gifts I made for the gift-giving extravaganza at [ profile] whedonland. They were all walls and I actually didn't realise that I had made all walls :P Unintentional, just obviously what I was in the mood for making! Range of fandoms, pairings, etc. Check them out and let me know what you think :D

Please do not use without permission or credit

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You guys know me... so it should come as no surprise that I decided to combine my 'Halloween City' fics with a [ profile] 5_times table and a [ profile] 7_crossovers table. There had to be thirteen fics all up for [ profile] xoverland and although five and seven does not make thirteen, I can't use Part Six (Anita Blake) in either of them because the author has asked for it not to be. Well, not my piece specifically, just anybody in general :P And don't be alarmed at the thought of thirteen fics and all of the different fandoms - I wrote the bare minimum (500 words) at least and I had to use thirteen fandoms (requirement of the [ profile] xoverland challenge). Took me FOREVER to find thirteen separate fandoms and ended up having to ask [ profile] krys_oak for help on them because my circle is still fairly small. Hence the Tinkerbell fic (I was desperate!) :P Have a look and tell me what you think.

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These are my submissions for the Witchville Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. Basically the fics had to revolve around a 'witch' character and a character of our choosing. I though that I'd combine it with a Five Times table from [ profile] 5_times and kill two birds with one stone. I thought I'd do Willow and use the table on loss :D

Five Times Willow Felt A Loss )
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These are my submissions for the Wereville Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. Basically the fics had to revolve around a 'were' character and a character of our choosing. I though that I'd combine it with a Five Times table from [ profile] 5_times and kill two birds with one stone. I thought I'd do Oz and his journey back to Sunnydale after he learnt how to control himself. This is the first time I've ever written for The Vampire Diaries, Charmed or Twilight so it might be somewhat OOC but take a look and let me know what you think. I can only improve :D

Five Times Oz Stopped Before Sunnydale )
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A vid I did a while ago but is new to YouTube. My HP vids have been WAY more popular than my GG ones. A little sad considering I've only done HP things by request but I guess it is more popular than GG anyway... poor Tristan/Rory :P

Harry Potter Vid )
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A Complete list of all of the videos I have made and a link to each. The fandoms include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dark Angel, Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter and Supernatural. They also include many different pairings.

Videos Masterlist )


6 Mar 2010 11:50
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So, I know I'm in the process of moving all of my stuff here. Means it's all in one spot and easy to find. But I'm also in the process of moving all my vids over to YouTube. They'll still all be up at BAM but for those of you that don't have a BAM account, I'm trying to make my vids available to you. Only problem is that I've had my account for a while and I'm quite happy with all of the work I've put into it. Don't really want it deleted and based on how many people I know who've had their accounts deleted, I know it's a possibility.

So, for now, I'll post the vids that are up at YouTube already and add the others as I filter them through. Fingers crossed I can stay under the YouTube deletion radar :P

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These are the individual walls I've created. There's a fair few experimental ones that I did when I first started doing art but luckily for you, the really awful ones have been deleted. My unfailing thanks goes out to [ profile] lightthesparks who sat through the first ones and helped me improve. They're all in alphabetical order so there's early ones mixed in with later ones. Just click on the images for a bigger size.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

Individual Walls )
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Okay guys, although I've done banners for comps, I have done a stack of them individually, either as requests or for myself - if the art echidna so struck me. And yes, I've chosen an echidna. Odd choice, but I'm Aussie and while I'm all for the bunny beating me mercilessly with fic ideas, I thought another creature deserved the spotlight. After all, the bunny can only do so much, right? :P

So anyway, there is a TON of them here and I've tried to add notes to each one of the banners to let you know why - although sometimes the answer is, 'Just because' :D Have a look and as usual, let me know what you think.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

Individual Banners )


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