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A few pieces I've written for [ profile] frankandmeme and [ profile] lj_scribe. None of them have won but I love writing them anyway - although sometimes my submissions aren't exactly my best work :P I'll keep adding them as I write them but if you're ever interested in voting, just head over and take a look. There's a bunch of talented writers with some amazing pieces!

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I would probably say myself. I think I'm harder on me than anyone else and despite knowing all about bullying, and being aware of how to combat it, I am still my harshest critic and that can hurt more than if it were someone else. With a negative view of your own self-worth, it becomes easier to believe others' negative views and more difficult to believe those who love and respect you.
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I don't keep my LJ a secret from anyone but I do try and keep my RL separate. Friends and family know about my LJ but I've created a separate email for my online identity and I rarely let the two crossover. I'd love to say that it's because I want to protect myself but it's more because of my girls. I'm a lot more careful now than I was before they were born, although I was still careful then, and I try not to post too much identifying information about them. I certainly don't want a stalker for my family or I.
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Question of the day:

Going For The Throat?

Would you rather be a vampire or a vampire hunter, and why?

Seriously? Hands down the Vamp Hunter every time! I mean, sure, vampires have the immortality thing and the extra strength and blah, blah, blah but watch Buffy or Supernatural - the vampires always die! If I'm gonna get the choice, I'd rather be the one taking them out!

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Okay, so I thought I should probably show you guys the headers that I've made for [ profile] remixed, the header competition for LJ. I've submitted one every month since Dec '10 and I love making them. It'd be so awesome to see my header at the top of the page but there are so many amazing artists out there. You should see some of the submissions! I'm always surprised at what people come up with!

Anyway, in the beginning, I made them from scratch, but then I got permission from an amazing photographer, Marc Hutchinson, to use some of his shots for the headers so the last three are from his photos. If you click on the images, you'll see the larger sizes. The first one is a 'Log In', the other is 'Log Out'. I would love any concrit or ideas for later months :D

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So, I saw this over at [ profile] xmaidelx's journal and had to give it a shot myself. For some reason, it didn't work in Safari but when I tried it in Firefox it worked. So if you're gonna do it, keep that in mind. It might have just been a fluke but maybe not *shrugs* Now, this looked nothing like hers where the first 30 or so people had a few hundred comments and she had to cull the end. I've just taken out the people who had one comment. What I did find funny was that Pingbot had more comments than quite a few people :P

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*hands out hard hats*

Okay, so I was tweaking the old layout. Didn't save anything first and I'd already tweaked it way beyond the original code so when something went drastically wrong, I gave up. Figured it was time for a new layout anyway. Obviously I'm gonna keep the same colour scheme (made that bed a while ago and now I have to lie in it :P) so that you guys can always recognise my journal but until I finish tweaking this one so that I'm satisfied, you're gonna have to excuse the mess. I know there's a bunch of stuff that needs fixing, and I am getting round to it, but this newbie needs time to decipher everything and figure out how. Mostly it'll be a bunch of guesses so if you sit there on refresh, you're bound to see some interesting things :P

But that's probably like watching paint dry :P
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Feeling in a meme mood at the moment so I might post a few that I've seen and loved from other people but never actually done myself. Stay tuned. This one was snagged from [ profile] svgurl :D

Comment to this post and tell me:

  • The pairing that defines me
  • The pairing that defines us
  • Two pairings that we have in common
  • One pairing that I ship and you don't
  • One pairing that you ship and I don't

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award (for any random reason) in no particular order.
Well, I picked alphabetical order because I'm just like that :P

[ profile] awesomegeek - I think your name says it all! You're just awesome!
[ profile] hezio2 - You respond to just about all of my posts, even when they're not worth responding to! Talk about above and beyond!
[ profile] kerrykhat - Miss you being around so much but I'm travelling vicariously through you so I suppose that's a good enough excuse :P
[ profile] lightthesparks - My Miyagi. I love looking at your work, even if some of it is just to skim ;)
[ profile] musesinspire - Just by being you, you make my day. I love hearing from you.
[ profile] needtakehave - One of the instigators in upping my workload! You make all the comms sound so awesome and I have no idea how you run so many!
[ profile] sunriserooftops - If it's not here, then it is definitely Twitter. Besides, who else do I have to cyber-feed so often?
[ profile] thewickedquill - You love my accent which cracks me up to no end! I don't know how you have time for me but you always seem to.
[ profile] vilnolin - OH MY GOSH! I nearly die every time I see a new chapter of Genealogy go up!
[ profile] x_spikeaholic_x - YAY!!! You came back!!!

((I had a hard time narrowing my list to ten and then a harder time coming up with a reason for everyone because all of you guys on my f'list make my day. I love being here and even though I know how sad it is that I don't have as many RL friends as I do here, I just prefer you guys more :P))
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Okay, it's that time of year again! Every year I forget this until someone prompts me to vote and this year it was [ profile] xmaidelx (though I have run out of steak knives so you'll have to make do with a smiley :D). Just click on the banner above to go there and vote. I have to admit, I do find this interesting. Every year we all vote and it's the only time when we turn on our friends as we battle to the death over our favourite characters :P For those who haven't voted or aren't set, [ profile] xmaidelx posted this:


castiel (supernatural) & dana scully (x-files) &
rachel berry (glee) & caroline forbes (the vampire diaries) .

For those of you who are, stop throwing rotten fruit at me! I respond much better to pretties and sparkly things ;) Besides, what are you doing with so much rotten fruit? :P
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As you guys probably know, I've been writing for [ profile] frankandmeme. I submitted an entry for the last chapter and one for this chapter. I'm not asking you guys to vote for me, because mine night not be the best but you should definitely head over and check it out! The submissions for this chapter are hilarious and I mean, really, who wouldn't be amused by the antics of a goat and sheep caught up in murder, mystery and mayhem? :P


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