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I have a new look - not just in real life but also my journal! Believe me, rl is less than magical at the moment and I've had the biggest upheaval in every aspect but nothing is a fierce as a woman protecting her children! The old me is on her way back and I have to say that I've never actually been so happy within myself. There are a couple of fics in the works but you guys know I don't like posting til things are complete :P My internet is less than stellar and, more often than not, I won't have any but I can still write! I also need to create new art for my journal so PS... here I come! :D

Expect something in the next day or so because I have a birthday pressie for someone!!! Also, it is extraordinary that I haven't flooded this journal with DW stuff so anticipate that before the 12th appears ;P
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Some if you will already know this but a lot of you probably won't, so I wanted to update everyone so that you don't think that I'm ignoring you. It's hard to talk about, but a few weeks ago everything just became WAY too much for me to handle and I overdosed on sleeping tablets. I didn't think I would ever get to that point, but I did. Fortunately, Matt found me and called an ambulance which got me to the hospital in time. I was hooked up to an ECG and monitored for a day but I couldn't assure the Emergency doctor that it wouldn't happen again and I was admitted to the Adult Mental Health Unit (or Psych Ward). I was there for the past fortnight. Yesterday was my first day back on the outside. There was, obviously, no internet available but I was absolutely gobsmacked by the amount of emails (nearly 500). I'm gonna do my best to answer all of them as soon as possible, so please don't think that I'm ignoring you. It's just there's a lot and I need time. There were also nearly 200 msgs here too and I will sort through those and answer any that need immediate attention. Thanks for your patience.
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Sorry for the blackout recently everyone but I was playing a game over at [ profile] owememafia and I didn't wanna give myself away. All the players got burn accounts so I think that eliminated some bias on player activity - not in a bad way, I just think that some people are often Assassins/innocents and we can base their current activity on prior experience. I LOVED playing a game where I didn't know who anyone was!! And I didn't wanna say anything on my own journal in case I gave myself away over there :P But, innocents won and all was revealed! *applauds innocents* Unfortunately, I was an Assassin this round so I was really hoping we'd win :( We did pretty awesomely though and I was pretty certain a couple of times that we'd actually win; I have a very strong feeling that if I didn't put my foot in my mouth and get myself lynched, we probably would have!

In other news, [ profile] mini_nanowrimo starts tomorrow (or the day after for those of you who don't live in the future like I do ;) ) so I'll be able to get a whole stack of stuff done. The amazing [ profile] green_wing has been absolutely AMAZING and hasn't kicked my butt yet for the exceedingly late things that I owe but they are almost done! In fact, I signed up for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo so that I would be forced to actually write everyday and once I start writing, I usually get a fair bit done :P Anyway, the word limit I set for every day is 100w (lame, I know) but I figured that there are a couple of days coming up next month that I KNOW will be busy so I can at least sneak in 100w on those days, if not more :P

Those of you doing NaNoWriMo are so incredibly awesome - crazy, but awesome - and I have every intention of one day getting around to that insanity!!

Anyway, I now have to get around to all the messages I accrued over the last fortnight so if anyone needs me, I'll be around :D

Edit: Oh, for those wondering, I played Emily Thorne from Revenge. I shall talk all about my new love for Revenge soon!
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I would probably say myself. I think I'm harder on me than anyone else and despite knowing all about bullying, and being aware of how to combat it, I am still my harshest critic and that can hurt more than if it were someone else. With a negative view of your own self-worth, it becomes easier to believe others' negative views and more difficult to believe those who love and respect you.
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I don't keep my LJ a secret from anyone but I do try and keep my RL separate. Friends and family know about my LJ but I've created a separate email for my online identity and I rarely let the two crossover. I'd love to say that it's because I want to protect myself but it's more because of my girls. I'm a lot more careful now than I was before they were born, although I was still careful then, and I try not to post too much identifying information about them. I certainly don't want a stalker for my family or I.
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Okay, so I've been tossing this around for a few days and have finally decided to just go on hiatus. I've given notice to all of the BBs I was participating in (I think - there were a LOT) and I'm going quiet for the rest of the year. I will, by no means, be absent. It's just that RL really needs my attention at the moment and it needs to be my primary focus. Though, I have yet to have a week without writing/ doing art/ vids/ etc so I'll still be posting things and catching up on a few pieces which have been slightly neglected for a while.

Those who have outstanding stuff from me know who you are (immense thanks for putting up with me for so long) and the evenings that I used to spend doing BB stuff will be dedicated to those. I'm really sorry to everyone who was relying on me for BB things, either fic or art, and hope that the mods don't have too difficult a time finding replacements. I know it totally sucks so if there's anyone on my f'list who has some spare time to pick up some of the art I've dropped, feel free to give the mods a hand and adopt it! Trust me, they'll be grateful!

I'll run my IMs, so I'm completely reachable if you wanna talk, and I'll try and drop by here at least once a day. I'm not dropping off the face of the earth and for those who just give my journal a passing glance, you might not really notice that much of a difference :P But I will be posting less often. The BB fics that I was going to be posting in the next fortnight will still be posted but will probably just have a couple more weeks added; they're mostly finished :P

If I owe you anything and you think I've forgotten, or if you have any prompts/ suggestions/ challenges that you've wanted to hit me with, just let me know :)
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Okay, so everyone else is doing it and I probably need a nudge (or a shove :P) so I'm going to start here: My name is Skye and I'm a BB-aholic. Matt has actually restricted how much I can actually take on and other than the ones I've signed up for, I can't sign up for anymore until I finish what I have - frustrating, but I suspect my Muse is entirely grateful :P I've got a few due in about a week so I'm gonna list them below and hopefully you guys can get excited about them and shove me towards finishing (gently, of course :P)

[ profile] tvd_bigbang
Blood Moon
Set after season two. Damon decides he needs to find Stefan, as well as place some distance between himself and Elena, and prepares to leave when Tyler gets word that Jules’ pack is on their way back to Mystic Falls. Knowing that Mystic Falls needs his protection more, he sends Caroline and Tyler to scout out Stefan’s location. But Klaus isn’t just on a regular rampage and it seems there’s more than one reason that the pack is heading to Mystic Falls.

The battle lines between Vampires and Werewolves have been drawn, countless years of war fought, but nothing will prepare them for what they are about to face or what they will discover about themselves along the way.
[ profile] het_bigbang
Fear The Night
Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Resident Evil/Supernatural

Strangers, Dean Winchester and Buffy Summers, are inadvertently brought together when their respective siblings disappear in a town almost overrun with zombies - or something that looks very much like them. Uncertain of who is behind the whole thing, they must work together if they're going to survive.

I'm working on a sister piece for this for [ profile] zombiebang called "Afraid Of The Dark":
When Sam Winchester and Dawn Summers individually decide to investigate a potential 'zombie' case, neither expected to end up being kidnapped or experimented on. Something goes drastically wrong in the labs that they are being held captive in and together they must find a way to escape the nightmare they have found themselves in while relying on the siblings they know must be out there somewhere to help prevent a zombie apocalypse.
[ profile] het_bigbang
I Can't Let Go
A chance encounter for Rory sets in motion a series of unexpected moments that cause her to wonder if she's really thought about the future at all.

This is my Tristan/Rory (Trory) fic that I've been working on since forever and although I'm really excited about finally sharing it with you all, it was the first Trory fic I started working on and has changed so much - I just don't wanna give it up! :P

Anyhoo, I'll keep you updated because there's a few more due just after this lot, including the aforementioned [ profile] zombiebang piece, and keep you apprised! :D
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I know, I'm probably flooding everyone but I haven't been around in forever so I have a few things :) Firstly, [ profile] sunriserooftops managed to get me over at Tumblr and I posted a few things there for her. I'll post it all here in a bit, nothing terribly important and I'll post it all here anyway so following me there isn't necessary. But feel free if you want to.

Secondly, [ profile] angstbigbang has just closed the doors to writers and got an amazing 64 fics signed up! The artist list is significantly lower at 9 so if any of you artsy f'listers haven't signed up yet, do so! After all, you all know what I'm like and if it comes to claims time and I can claim more than one, I will... :P

On that train of thought, I signed up for 'We Love The Women That Fandom Hates' and although I know that most of you guys are doing it, I just wanted to use the banner because it looks so cool! I signed up as Max Guevara and before everyone jumps on my back, like you probably ought to, it's only a week and is actually leading to something I'm gonna put up here soon so WATCH THIS SPACE! :P

On a sad note, Rescue: Special Ops ended here and is not being renewed, hence the icon. I'm a MAJOR fan and you can expect a ton fics and art to come up. I've managed to grab a hold of the eps and I'm gonna cap like crazy this weekend! :D If any of you guys know where I can find HQ caps, let me know! If you guys want any of the caps I'm doing, let me know! I can put them up :)
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Okay, so I know this may be just silly but my Mum took me shopping today and we decided to pop into a discount shop on a fluke. Apart from finding some really cool projects that I want to do with Evelyn, I found a whole section dedicated to 'bling' and decided to get something for Riley (my lappy):

I don't know if Riley's entirely happy with it because he's been completely sluggish since but I think it's just a mood; besides, I'm happy :P I don't often do the bling thing with my stuff and the only time I ever had one of those things that hang off of your mobile, I ended up losing it (the bling, not my mobile). I never do sticker-y type things because they always peel off or I want to change them later and can't but it was really cheap and I thought 'why not?'. Besides, Mum ended up paying for it anyway :P

On another note, Evie apparently loved watching My Little Pony on YouTube and so I downloaded the entire series for her and we've been watching it here. In true preschooler style, she wanted to watch the episodes out of order so I have no idea how they defeated the Pony from the moon or why the little purple one is suddenly living in the town but I DO know all about the little tramp stamp things they have and that you can't judge a Pony by her appearance. I'll let you know what else I learn as we go :P
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Okay, I know my latest BB was due and should've been posted but I have a reason. Whether or not it is good is another issue :P I've always been one of those people who frowns at students who don't turn in an assignment because their 'computer' broke or they 'couldn't get the printer to work'. I'm always of the mind that they should have done it earlier and wrinkled out the problems :P But it turns out the scanner does NOT approve of Win7 and as you know, I actually drew it this time so I was waiting to the last possible second to put it up so I could keep 'fixing' it. DARN MY OCD!!!

Anyway, my awesome family is gonna try and scan it up at the uni tomorrow so I promise it will be up, just please be patient with me! :D

Also, for those that are keeping an eye on my sidebar, yes, the BBs are all like a day apart each but I'm totally on top of it and all the posts are up, just still private so you can't see them :P The BBs that I'm writing are actually quite a bit behind so I'm hoping that this all settles enough so that I can get all those words out *goes off to check minimum word counts*
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Okay, feeling incredibly slow today... :P

I decided to FINALLY do something about my dA account seeing as Zutara Week starts Monday and I would really love to participate!!! :) HOWEVER... it took me almost an hour to post a deviation because I could figure out just how to post art. I had to lower myself to looking at the FAQs and even then it didn't help. FYI, they're no help. So, after a few false starts, many deletions and a frustrated scream at the screen, I posted the Chlavis wall I did recently. Nothing special or new. You've all seen it. And as soon as I figure out the difference between the 'deviantID' and 'devious info' I'll get a profile up :D

LJ is still my home base, but I'll be crossposting my Zutara Week stuff there and maybe a few other things. Maybe. It's always so humbling for me to go over there because I've seen the most amazing artwork over there. I'd definitely stick out like a sore thumb! Probably why I've had my account just shy of three years and haven't posted a single thing.

So, long story short, if you have an account, add me as a friend :) I've found the handy little favourites star so now I can start actually start bookmarking the stuff I like within dA (:P) and although I still have a little more hair-pulling to do before I have it down pat, I WILL have it working in no time!!! :D
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Had to see the dentist again today *sigh*

I was chewing on popcorn seeds a few nights ago (and I know that's bad, I just love them so much!) and I felt an excruciating pain in one of my back teeth. Called the dentist ASAP and when I went in today, he confirmed it - I cracked a tooth. DARN IT!!!

Not only that but the tooth that I cracked had had a filling put in at some point and the dentist then had just put the filling over an exposed nerve *headdesk* So it turns out that my tooth has been slowly dying this whole time and that the crack was a God send because it was discovered before something much worse happened. The dentist I saw was my favourite and he had to undo the shoddy work and remould the tooth.

It's just a temporary fix - I need root canal therapy to actually save my tooth and there's no way I'm getting another tooth pulled without fighting for it first so it means we've gotta start saving. RCT is about $800-$1000 and that's assuming I don't get ripped off. My dentist wasn't actually allowed to recommend any other dentists but as I was leaving the room he was mumbling the names of some dentists and the places they work; he really is an amazing guy! :D

For tonight though, half of my face is completely numb and it feels so utterly bizarre. When I had Bell's Palsy after Olivia was born, one side of my face wasn't working but I couldn't feel the paralysis. I can feel the numbness and my face struggling to keep up with movement. Weirdest. Feeling. Ever! :P
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SO EXHAUSTED!!! I have been completely shattered the last couple of days. No matter how much sleep I've been getting, it doesn't seem like enough and by the evening, I put the girls to bed and then die on my bed. Luckily we've got a TV in our room for when we're sick so I've been putting that on and just falling asleep. Hopefully whatever is doing this gets kicked out of my system soon because there's trillions of bunnies running around and I haven't had the energy to write so they're clambering to get out. One bunny kicked the other in the eye and now he's crying...
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This is a meme. It works like this: If you'd like to play, leave a comment. I'll give you a letter. Then you post ten words beginning with that letter in your journal and explain why they're important enough to make the cut.

[ profile] svgurl gently tossed me the letter 'R' ( because 'W' was too pointy and would have hurt :P ) and I had to think for a while. These aren't necessarily the most important 'R' related things, just the first ten that I thought of! That's why they were important enough to make the cut! :P

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You know when you've spent too long doing something how it takes over your life? Like when I was playing WoW, I once spent an entire weekend playing almost non-stop and I realised I'd been playing too much when my dream on Monday night was a WoW one and I was my character...

Or when I first became addicted to Sims 2 and my dreams were all in Simlish...

Or when Buffy and Dean come and rescue me when I'm fighting demons... :P

Yesterday Evie, in all her adorable-three-year-old-ness was hugging me before bed and in her sleepy state, she pointed to my cheek and said, "Mummy, you have a bunny there. And there. There are bunnies all over your face!" My first thought? "There are bunnies all over me? Better write them all down before they disappear!"


See, that was definitely one of those times when I think I need to take a step back before something completely overtakes my life... :P
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As you can probably already tell, I'm back from my flu-vacation! Still not 100% but I'm very aware that I have many things due and that there's a bunch of people waiting so I'm getting on them now :D Those of you who are waiting for fic or art will probably see it in the next day or two but those waiting on vids may have to be patient until the end of the week. Then you can pester me :P And I do mean pester because if it's not up, I may have forgotten about it :P I'd blame that on my sick!brain but the flu had very little effect on my brain, despite what [ profile] musesinspire may say! The fever only lasted like four or five days and I'm pretty sure I still have all my little grey cells, though I can't be sure because I've always sucked at math :P
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Hehehe, the 'poll of the day', at least the one on my page, asks 'Have you ever turned down a job offer?' Oddly enough, I don't think I've ever seen the poll so 50/50 before. My answer was YES. I was doing a job search program when I first fell pregnant with Evelyn but because I hadn't had her, they couldn't transfer me out and looking for jobs whilst heavily pregnant was bizarre. Every application I had to say that I was due soon and wouldn't be able to work for long. Eventually I got so frustrated with the program that, in protest, I applied for a job as a tractor driver. I've never worked on a farm, nor do I have a tractor license (or any license for that matter). I was also seven and a half months pregnant. So you can understand how absolutely blown away I was when I got a letter telling me that I had gotten the job...

I've always wondered just how desperate they must have been :P


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