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Okay, I promised [ profile] hezio2 that I would write some fics for her. I was gonna use some of the prompts for my Schmoop Bingo amnesty fill for them and she wanted Sam/Veronica. Now, I was (and hopefully am) gonna write them but I really wanted to do some art and decided to try some Samonica art (AHAHAHAHA!!! Did you like that! Sounds hilarious!). I'm not real happy with them but it has made me realise that I am lacking SPN caps. I have entire shows capped but I haven't done my SPN eps yet so I know what I'll be doing this weekend! Also decided to throw in a BtVS wall that I did. Had the song stuck in my head today and remembered that I had forgotten to do the wall for it ages ago. At least, I'm pretty sure I haven't already done a wall for it *runs back to look*

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Okay, so apparently I have no self control when it comes to taking challenges either but you already knew that about me :P So I decided to combine a few different challenges together – mostly it was just a way for me to complete challenges I might not have otherwise. So, I combined my Schmoop Bingo card with my Xoverland Big Bang and a couple of 7_crossovers theme sets. Then I used a challenge idea I have had my eye on for a while but hadn’t gotten around to writing. Took some rearranging – well, not really rearranging but I did have to plan this one out. Because the idea deserves much more than I can possibly give at this moment, I decided to create a Forgotten Memories ‘verse. You can read the following 25 fics as one fic or as 25 parts of the ‘verse with gaps that I will be filling as time goes on. Mostly because I have a ton of ideas to put in here and will definitely be adding to it. Have a read and let me know what you think of them :D

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Part Two of my Bingo post. Turns out it was too big to put in one post - how frustrating is that? Anyway, this is the last half of the posts. I've repeated the information about the challenges in this post along with the anchors so if you wanna see the fic for a specific prompt, just click on it. Let me know what you guys think. I'm interested to know :D

I DO! ;) )
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Go ahead... shoot me. I totally reasoned it out by saying that it's not due 'til the end of the year and was completely doable in that case. I can work on it over time... I know, I'm still a sucker! But this sucker *points to self* maintains it is still all possible *looks around nervously* Mhmm, that's right, possible...

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Forgotten Memories 'Verse

These are the fics in the Forgotten Memories 'verse. Consider the 'verse incomplete because I'm always updating this and adding new fics to it. Each one can be read individually but they make more sense as a whole. The list is in order so you can just start and the beginning and follow the prompts :D

  • Frantic!
  • Forgive?
  • Candles
  • Remember
  • Whistle
  • Phoenix
  • Family
  • Flavour
  • Eloquent
  • Damse
  • Supernatural
  • Pets
  • Castle
  • Slippery
  • Fireworks
  • Tackle
  • Sunburn
  • Flying
  • Holidays
  • Kisses
  • Date
  • Wedding
  • Blind
  • Reunion
  • Epilogue?


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