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Blame [ profile] not_from_stars for this - I know I do :P There was a certain fanmix entry that included Air Supply and then the songs got stuck in my head. Some of you already know how much I love them. I grew up on them. Anyhoo, I was listening to some of their songs on Kate (my iPod) while I fell asleep and certain songs created bunnies that would not leave me alone so I had to write them up. My profuse apologies to [ profile] thewickedquill whom I promised some Trory love. I'll have to post those tomorrow because I won't have enough time now.

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Day 14 & 15

TOTALLY not my fault this time! As you all know, LJ was down last night (well, night for me) so I couldn't post it then so there's a double one today :D Yesterday's question and today's kinda go hand in hand anyway, so I don't mind putting them together.

Day 14 & 15 )
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Basically, we had to create icons for a small fandom - either one that is getting on in years or has a small fan base. I tend to think that The Pretender falls into both categories. It's one of my favourite shows and I'm disappointed that more people don't know about/love it. We only had to do a max of four but I decided to use one of my favourite scenes (which actually comes from one of the movies) and I got a little carried away... :P Take a look and tell me what you think.

Please do not use without permission or credit.

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These are my submissions for the Back to the 1980's challenge at [ profile] xoverland. Iused another one of those [ profile] 5_times prompt tables and am almost finished with them! For this challenge we had to write fics on a TV show/movie that was aired/shown during the 1980's. It could be crossed over with any other one from any year bt had to focus on the person/show form the 80's. So I picked MacGyver. Not sure if I even came close to the awesomeness that was MacGyver but I admit that most of the science went over my head so... :P Anyway, let me know what you think :D

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I put together some gifts for some of the members at [ profile] scifiland. There is, of course, points allocated for the various gifts you can give and a total of 25 max, but I wanted the chance to make gifts for those I don't normally make gifts for. I picked one person from each of the first five pages and at least on from every team (though I do believe that there is two Team Hero members on there - I can't resist making things for my team :P)

Image heavy and as usual, please don't use without permission or credit.

An Oliver/Lois/Clark fanmix )

Back to the Future icons )

Team Anti-Hero icons )

Miss Parker icons )

A Clark/Lois fanmix )
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These are the individual walls I've created. There's a fair few experimental ones that I did when I first started doing art but luckily for you, the really awful ones have been deleted. My unfailing thanks goes out to [ profile] lightthesparks who sat through the first ones and helped me improve. They're all in alphabetical order so there's early ones mixed in with later ones. Just click on the images for a bigger size.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

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A complete list of all of my crossover fics and a link to each of them. They include the following fandoms with multiple pairings. You can either browse the list or search by letter. Come and find them all in one place :)

And as always, if you read feel free to review. I love getting concrit; it's the only way to improve so don't feel shy :D

A - F     G - O     P - Z

Buffy the Vampire SlayerBtVS
Burn NoticeBN
Dark AngelDA
Gilmore GirlsGG
Legend of the SeekerLotS
One Tree HillOTH
Terminator: The Sarah
Connor Chronicles
The PretenderTP
The Vampire DiariesTVD
Veronica MarsVM

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