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More goodies from [ profile] smallfandomfest. These are the rest of the Forwood ones (Tyler/Caroline) and the remaining walls will be various pairings. I thought I'd be able to post them all by now but things are hectic over there with the deadline coming up so I'll just have to roll the other walls out slower :P
Prompts: Can't Wait Any Longer; I Want To Be More Than Just Your Friend; I Know What You Are; We've Been Friends Now We'll Be Lovers; We're Just Friends
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More goodies from [ profile] smallfandomfest. These are all Forwood ones (Tyler/Caroline) and I'll do a whole bunch of Delena and Stelena ones before the deadline. Which is in like a week :P
Prompts: Baby, I'm Back; Just Want To Hold You; These Arms Of Mine; After her breakup with Matt, Tyler is there to pick up the pieces; Just Shut Up And Kiss Me; Coming Back For More
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So, for all those freaking out more than me about my [ profile] jossverse_bb fic, don't worry! See the sidebar ←? I did a huge chunk of it today due to [ profile] mudg3t nudging me to do it, although I can't say that I was as much help to her as she was to me. So I'm gonna try and finish off as much as possible tomorrow but decided to do some art that was stuck in my head. While I was writing I heard John Farnham's 'One More Try' and the bunnies attacked! I held off as long as I could but my muse decided that my break was the best time to do some art *shakes head* What am I going to do with her? :P

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This is a submission for my H/C Bingo Card. I really should be finishing my BB but I couldn't help but procrastinate. Several of the prompts already have fandoms attached and I know exactly what I'm going to do for them and this was one. This was for the prompt "BROKEN BONES". The scene was utterly heartbreaking and I just had to do something for it. I promise, I'm gonna head off and try and finish it! :P

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So, as I've already mentioned before, there's fundraising going on over at [ profile] stop_sids and I'm gonna put up an offer post over there but I realised that I was a little behind in my art/fics for the Forclosure Sucks! so I'm just catching up first. A HUGE apology to [ profile] homentheatre, [ profile] krys_oak and [ profile] thewickedquill for the delay; I wasn't very well for a while and these completely slipped my mind. Fortunately, they all knew what was going on in RL and aren't fazed but I still want to apologise! This is the first post with requested walls by [ profile] homentheatre and [ profile] krys_oak. More is on the way but I realised I couldn't post it all at once otherwise it would be too long :P

[1] Bones - Booth/Brennan
[1] Caprica - Gen
[1] Gilmore Girls - Tristan/Rory
[1] Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione
[1] Smallville - Clark/Lois
[1] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena

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This is my vid for [ profile] homentheatre. She bought a vid off of me from the Foreclosure Sucks Auction and asked for anything - she just wanted to be surprised with a vid. So I decided to do a Delena vid because it's a favourite pairing of ours that we have in common. I used Hedley's "Perfect" for the song - from the first moment I heard this song, I just knew it was perfect for them. It's the first vid I've done in a long time and I'm still a little rusty (YAY for an update to Vegas Pro 10!) but I hope I didn't disappoint :D


(Sorry for the link guys, YT was being really weird and wouldn't let me post it properly so just click on the link and it will take you there. After we have words, and things are square, I'll add it to this post :D )
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Day 16 & 17

TOTALLY not my fault this time! Again. LJ was down again. Not happy with that they think that by taking down LJ they're making a political statement. THEIR LJ is still functioning. Poo noodles.

Despite that childishness, I have some fun ones. I LOVE these two days. The end of the meme is probably the most fun I've had collecting so I'm excited to show you. Follow the cut... :D

Day 16 & 17 )
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Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13

Hehehe, okay, so I obviously suck at doing long term memes :P But I was trying to get a bunch of my icons challenges done before the deadline so I'm using that as an excuse! But I have everything done and as soon as I post this, I am going to create all of the other posts so that all I have to do is make them public each day - then you guys can still see them and I have no excuses! Fair? :P

These five days are 'most recent', 'non-canon', 'group', 'villains' and 'bad canon' roughly. That's a pretty summed up version of each but you get the general drift. At least, I hope you do. Either way, take a look :D

Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13 & 14 )
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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] bbcshows_20in20, [ profile] cw20in20 and [ profile] lovebites20in20. I fell asleep on my computer whilst trying to post these because LJ was down *frowns* Rather inconvenient and left me with a sore neck. I'll have more by the end of the week but I'm posting these now because they're due :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle, I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] The Vampire Diaries - Elijah
[20] Gilmore Girls - Lorelai
[25] Robin Hood - Entire Series

20IN20 ICONS )
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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] gilmore20in20, [ profile] movie20in20, [ profile] vampires20in20, [ profile] tvd_20in20 and [ profile] scifi20in20. A whole bunch but that's what happens when you've got no internet access (or an extremely slow dial up) and a bunch of challenges due. I've got more icons but I thought I'd do them in batches of 100 and that way it would be easier for everyone. They're mainly small files anyway so it shouldn't be too difficult to load. Let me know if it is. Some of the themes were harder to do that others and I took some liberties - don't worry, you'll know which ones they are :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Gilmore Girls - 1x18 (The Third Lorelai)
[20] Animated Movie - Anastasia
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Caroline Forbes
[20] The Vampire Diaries - Isobel Flemming Saltzman
[20] Eureka - Jo Lupo

20IN20 ICONS )
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Snagged it from [ profile] kerrykhat who snagged it elsewhere who probably got it from so-and-so, etc, etc :P I only wanted to use each show once though some fit more than once. Edited slightly for the younger audiences :P

READ ON.... )
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Okay, it's that time of year again! Every year I forget this until someone prompts me to vote and this year it was [ profile] xmaidelx (though I have run out of steak knives so you'll have to make do with a smiley :D). Just click on the banner above to go there and vote. I have to admit, I do find this interesting. Every year we all vote and it's the only time when we turn on our friends as we battle to the death over our favourite characters :P For those who haven't voted or aren't set, [ profile] xmaidelx posted this:


castiel (supernatural) & dana scully (x-files) &
rachel berry (glee) & caroline forbes (the vampire diaries) .

For those of you who are, stop throwing rotten fruit at me! I respond much better to pretties and sparkly things ;) Besides, what are you doing with so much rotten fruit? :P
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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] smvl20in20, [ profile] scenes20in20 and [ profile] fandoms20in20. For Smallville we were given the topic 'Clark Kent' and I actually liked not having to choose. Put me a little more out of my comfort zone and I actually like the icons I ended up with. For Eureka I chose Zane/Jo - I adore them to pieces but I haven't managed to cap my s3 eps yet so I had to make do with what I had. LOVE this season though so I wasn't too upset :P And the theme for Fandoms was 'Goodies vs Baddies'; I always pick the good guys so I decided to pick a bad guy, though in hindsight he's still not really that bad (just broken) :P I've picked up mostly icons of late but there's non-icon related stuff on the way so don't worry :D

EDIT: Had a little bit of time to spare so I whipped up a couple of walls. I have some requests in the works, so more new stuff is on the way.

Please do not use without permission or credit.

[20] Smallville - Clark Kent
[01] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena
[20] Eureka - Zane/Jo
[01] Nikita - Michael/Nikita
[20] Smallville - Davis Bloome

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My 20in20 for [ profile] episode20in20 and [ profile] cw20in20. I chose The Vampire Diaries and the episode 'The Sacrifice'. It's not my favourite episode and there's a number of reasons that I love it but mostly i just thought it would be fun :D I also picked Rory Gilmore for my CW character. So, take a look and let me know what you think. Oh, and because of my bright lappy screen, they were all really dark. I've lightened them up but if they're still dark, keep that in mind. Hopefully whatever lappy I get next has a normal screen :P

Please do not use without permission or credit.

Read more... )
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Over at [ profile] cw_land we had a challenge for Post Secrets. You know, the place where people can go and post a secret and get it off of their chest? Well, we had to do something similar but from a characters point of view. I was unsure about this at first seeing as I hadn't really heard of Post Secrets but I ended up having a lot of fun and did a bunch before I realised I'd done too many :P Thought I'd post them here for you to enjoy too! :D

*Psst..* THIS WAY! )
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My submissions for the Yellow River challenge at [ profile] xoverland. I've used another two of those [ profile] 5_times tables which means I only have one left to do before I've completed them all! YAY!!! I wanted to do two tables and thought it would be a great idea to separate the tables so that there is a conclusion to each one in the other. Does that make sense? Makes sense in my head anyway :P Check them out and let me know your thoughts. Concrit anyone? :D

Five Times Dawn Experienced Magic )

Five Times Sam Experienced Magic )
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So, for [ profile] cw_land, I had to do a picspam of one of my favourite scenes from a CW show. I picked The Vampire Diaries seeing as that is actually my team :P And there was so many I could choose from and I had a tough time narrowing it down but I ended up with a scene from 2x01 - The Return. Of course, I did get to pick the caps... :P

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These are the gifts I made for the gift-giving extravaganza at [ profile] whedonland. They were all walls and I actually didn't realise that I had made all walls :P Unintentional, just obviously what I was in the mood for making! Range of fandoms, pairings, etc. Check them out and let me know what you think :D

Please do not use without permission or credit

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These are my submissions for the Witchville Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. Basically the fics had to revolve around a 'witch' character and a character of our choosing. I though that I'd combine it with a Five Times table from [ profile] 5_times and kill two birds with one stone. I thought I'd do Willow and use the table on loss :D

Five Times Willow Felt A Loss )
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These are my submissions for the Wereville Challenge at [ profile] xoverland. Basically the fics had to revolve around a 'were' character and a character of our choosing. I though that I'd combine it with a Five Times table from [ profile] 5_times and kill two birds with one stone. I thought I'd do Oz and his journey back to Sunnydale after he learnt how to control himself. This is the first time I've ever written for The Vampire Diaries, Charmed or Twilight so it might be somewhat OOC but take a look and let me know what you think. I can only improve :D

Five Times Oz Stopped Before Sunnydale )


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