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My submission for Zutara Secret Santa! I was given PearLynn as my giftee :D

Title: Much Too Close.
Author: SkylarGrace.
Status: Complete.
Rating: PG.
Summary: Twenty years after the final battle, Katara returns to Ba Sing Se to oversee the celebrations and bumps into Zuko. Initially, they had remained close friends but with the progression of their relationships, they had drifted apart. Now single, Zuko and Katara are in the one place that holds the reminder of the beginning of their relationship.
Disclaimer: ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and all related characters are copyright DiMartino, Konietzko and Nickelodeon. No infringement intended.
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Title: The Forces of Nature
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: I would move heaven and earth for this fire, for this ocean of fire for you...
Spoiler: Set post-series.
Notes: ‘Forces of Nature’ lyrics by Backstreet Boys

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Title: Can’t Go Home
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: Not everything is meant to be and, unfortunately for Katara, Aang realises it first
Spoiler: Set post-series, so everything :P
Notes: Zutarian trying my absolute hardest to make things as amicable as possible. ‘No Surprise’ lyrics by Daughtry

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Snagged from [ profile] hiddencait when it was originally posted but I've only had the chance to do it now :P
It's National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the book. Post these rules as part of your post.

My friend told me, "I remember standing before the plate-glass window in my living room, staring out into the darkness, waiting for her to come home.

Also, as you guys know, I was so pumped about Zutara Week and I missed it :( I have my fics (which I'll post here for you guys) but I only got one wall done before I fell sick so it's all on its lonesome... oh well... The themes for the week were:

Day01: Mask
Day02: History
Day03: Social Networking
Day04: Secret
Day05: Awkward
Day06: Legendary
Day07: Caught

I tried, as I'm sure a lot of people did, to think outside the box and I chased down quotes relating to each of the themes, hoping for a different perspective. For a couple, I found different perspectives but chose another quote altogether that fit with what I had in mind. These are only short and I planned it that way; I didn't want these to be epically long or anything and if I didn't keep them short, I might have ended up using some of the ideas I have for my BB and I'm already in deep enough water with them :P They can all be individual pieces, I guess, but I was loosely going with moments from one fic :P

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Blame [ profile] not_from_stars for this - I know I do :P There was a certain fanmix entry that included Air Supply and then the songs got stuck in my head. Some of you already know how much I love them. I grew up on them. Anyhoo, I was listening to some of their songs on Kate (my iPod) while I fell asleep and certain songs created bunnies that would not leave me alone so I had to write them up. My profuse apologies to [ profile] thewickedquill whom I promised some Trory love. I'll have to post those tomorrow because I won't have enough time now.

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I swear, I'm not procrastinating! Okay, *holds thumb and forefinger a millimetre apart* maybe a little. :D But I was already gonna do this and I needed something small to do first. A sleep deprived Skye is not a highly functional one... My SPNX fic, "Thicker Than Water" will be posted on the 18th. I've already done the post up (just kept it locked until then) and I promise that as soon as I have the ending done, I'll be adding the fic! There's some fantastic art for it and I'm very excited to show you all :D Until then, here is some A:tLA love :D

Music Shuffle Challenge: Place music on shuffle and write ten drabbles for the next ten songs. The catch? You can only write for the length of each song. Any fandom/pairing/etc. Great way to learn how to think and write cohesively! Give it a try! :D

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So, [ profile] kerrykhat posted a meme and I thought I'd do it and see what I got. One of those 'put your answers here and insert into this' - which sounded very different in my head before I typed it...

Anyway, the meme said: "List twelve of your favorite characters from your favorite fandoms, in no particular order. Then answer the questions about them." So I've picked:

♥_______________01. Buffy Summers (BtVS)
♥_______________02. Dean Winchester (SPN)
♥_______________03. Rory Gilmore (GG)
♥_______________04. Tristan DuGrey (GG)
♥_______________05. Alec McDowell (DA)
♥_______________06. Max Guevara (DA)
♥_______________07. Veronica Mars (VM)
♥_______________08. Logan Echolls (VM)
♥_______________09. Katara (AtLA)
♥_______________10. Zuko (AtLA)
♥_______________11. Sonny Munroe (SWaC)
♥_______________12. Chad Dylan Cooper(SWaC)

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Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13

Hehehe, okay, so I obviously suck at doing long term memes :P But I was trying to get a bunch of my icons challenges done before the deadline so I'm using that as an excuse! But I have everything done and as soon as I post this, I am going to create all of the other posts so that all I have to do is make them public each day - then you guys can still see them and I have no excuses! Fair? :P

These five days are 'most recent', 'non-canon', 'group', 'villains' and 'bad canon' roughly. That's a pretty summed up version of each but you get the general drift. At least, I hope you do. Either way, take a look :D

Day 09, 10, 11, 12 & 13 & 14 )
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So, for [ profile] scifiland, there was a challenge for all of those in a gift-giving mood. I'm in one, so I decided to give where I could. I decided on mostly fanmixes this time because last time was walls and the time before was icons - I'm not sure if I'll do a fic one. Unless everyone wants Dean/Buffy fics :P Anyway, for now here are my gifts.



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