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So, for [ profile] scifiland, there was a challenge for all of those in a gift-giving mood. I'm in one, so I decided to give where I could. I decided on mostly fanmixes this time because last time was walls and the time before was icons - I'm not sure if I'll do a fic one. Unless everyone wants Dean/Buffy fics :P Anyway, for now here are my gifts.

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So, you guys know me. Give me an inch, I take a mile. I can't help it! :P For [ profile] scifiland we had to create a mini-mix but it sorta took on a life of its own and turned into a fanmix on the amazing Max Guevara! :D There's a bunch of songs and there was a reason for each one of them - hopefully, that comes across. Let me know what you think about it - I love doing fanmixes and would love your feedback!


Btw, for all of those wondering where I've been lately, I accidently went over my download limit and my service provider has cut my on-peak for the rest of the month. Still have a small bit of off-peak though so that's 1am-1pm. I will try and do what I have to in the mornings but they are fairly busy with two little girls and I may not be as actively busy for the next fortnight or so :P
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For one of the recent challenges at [ profile] scifiland we have to create a manifesto/appreciation post on a show/character/ship/episode, etc, that explains why we love it. I decided to use Dark Angel and then spent ages tossing up what I would do. I could have done a Malec post or one specific to Alec or Max... was even gonna do something episodic but I just couldn't decide on what episode. I finally settled on "Brainiac" and then the trouble was trying to bring down the amount of caps I wanted to use :P

Warning: Image heavy! Please do not use without permission or credit.

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Basically, we had to create icons for a small fandom - either one that is getting on in years or has a small fan base. I tend to think that The Pretender falls into both categories. It's one of my favourite shows and I'm disappointed that more people don't know about/love it. We only had to do a max of four but I decided to use one of my favourite scenes (which actually comes from one of the movies) and I got a little carried away... :P Take a look and tell me what you think.

Please do not use without permission or credit.

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Okay mates, it has taken me forever and if I miss this boat by an hour or so I am going to be so frustrated but here is my [ profile] scifiland big bang. I've used the fic 'Genealogy' by the amazing [ profile] vilnolin for inspiration. If you haven't already read this, DO SO!!! It is an epic fic and I LOVE it to pieces. Can't wait for the updates!!! Though this is in no way a push for another chapter - I call it an encouragement ;)

Warning: EXTREMELY image heavy!!! Please do not use without permission or credit.

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I put together some gifts for some of the members at [ profile] scifiland. There is, of course, points allocated for the various gifts you can give and a total of 25 max, but I wanted the chance to make gifts for those I don't normally make gifts for. I picked one person from each of the first five pages and at least on from every team (though I do believe that there is two Team Hero members on there - I can't resist making things for my team :P)

Image heavy and as usual, please don't use without permission or credit.

An Oliver/Lois/Clark fanmix )

Back to the Future icons )

Team Anti-Hero icons )

Miss Parker icons )

A Clark/Lois fanmix )
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Okay, I know you guys are gonna read this and think "WHAT?!!!" But trust me, I have not slipped and bashed my head! I HAD to write this for a challenge and it was supposed to be bad. Probably supposed to be worse than this but it was so hard and I rewrote it a dozen times trying to make it worse (and accidently correcting spelling errors I'd intentionally put in :P ). This is what i ended up with. VERY hard challenge but I LOVED IT!!!! Can't wait to do another!!! :P So read and PLEASE let me know what you think and how I can make it worse! I mean, seriously, how many people ask that? :D

Bad!fic "Was She His?" )


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