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I picked up a fic at [ profile] spn_gen_bigbang called Welcome To Hotel California and was written by [ profile] minviendha. I loved the idea of this fic, if only because it's such a brilliant song, and putting Dean and Sam in the middle of something like that? DEFINITELY something I wanted to read! :P

Summary: In the middle of the desert, a mysterious, vanishing hotel invites people inside and submits them to the will of its mistress.


*download here*
Hotel California - The Eagles

Last thing I remember, I was running for the door
I had to find the passage back o the place I was before
'Relax,' said the night man, 'We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like, but you can never leave!'
Highly Strung - Orianthi

Haunting Me - Stabbing Westward

Why are you haunting me?
Why are you haunting me?
Why are you haunting me?
Why are you haunting me?

Well, I don't know what it means
But I can't seem to make myself forget
Fearless - Falling Up

When you see your breath in the frozen night
When your hope is on the guard
There's a rushing threat, there's a new design
When the poison fills your heart

Broken from the shattered hopes and breathless from the stare
Standing in this lonely room, I can see you there
Leap Of Faith - Sanctus Real

This too shall pass oh but it always comes back
And it's knocking upon your door
You say 'how did you find me here, 'cause I've been running for years'

Now you're back in the same place, you've been here before
Stuck in a maze trying to find an open door
Pray for the strength and take a leap of faith
Hurricane - 30 Seconds to Mars

No matter how many times that you told me you wanted to leave
No matter how many breaths that you took, you still couldn't breathe
No matter how many nights that you lie
Wide awake to the sound of the poison rain
Where did you go? Where did you go? Where did you go?
As days go by, the night's on fire
Gone - The Butterfly Effect

I'm all alone on the road
This high water tied underneath the flood
In deserts of dust if I must I will stand

These are my promises

I hope you're winning the war
To make everything like it was before
All that we were we can still be again
No Second Prize - Jimmy Barnes

No one can tell you exactly what you have gotta be
You've got to stand your ground and fight to save your life
It may be hard but ooh ooh it's the only way
Always remembering there ain't no second prize
There ain't no second prize
Whispers In The Dark - Skillet

No, you'll never be alone
When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars
Hear the whispers in the dark
No, you'll never be alone
When darkness comes you know I'm never far
Hear the whispers in the dark
Whispers in the dark

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