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Snagged from [ profile] svgurl:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. I think you know by now what I do/don't ship? If not, just ask. :)

01. [ profile] alyse - King/Abigail (Blade: Trinity) - [AND THERE HE WAS]
02. [ profile] svgurl - Clark/Lois (Smallville) - [SOMEHOW WE'RE STILL STANDING]
03. [ profile] sarah_jones - Sam/Dawn (SPN/BtVS)- [BEFORE WE BREAK}



She pauses momentarily as the ash settles to the ground. Originally they'd come in order to free those that had been captured but all she'd found so far was a bunch of vampires and two cells with the newly transformed.

And bodies.

Many, many bodies and she wasn't sure she'd be able to stop thinking about them for some time. It was her life, what she knew, but every dead body was just another reminder of someone she had failed to save in time.

A cry from somewhere down the hall lets her know that her back up is still right behind her and she heads for the last cell. This one has two locks instead of the regular one and she fights the frown that threatens to form on her face. Emotions are a weakness and the last thing she wants an enemy seeing.

She draws her bow immediately upon entering and it does a quick sweep of the room, taking in everything in the cell before settling on the huddled figure in the corner.

She's seen the body lying to her right, practically at her feet, and judging on the colour she's guessing they've only just died. Another life she was too slow to save.

But it is the figure in the corner which finally draws an emotion out and she frowns as she takes in the thick chains bolted to the floor. He's moved as far away from the body at her feet as he possibly can but the blood around his mouth gives him away. She watches as he assesses the situation before him, just as she is doing, and she knows the minute he reaches a decision. His fists grab the chains and he leaps toward her, teeth bared.

She doesn't even flinch.

Without a logical thought, she begins slowly lowering her weapon and he 'struggles' even more against the chains he has shortened himself as though it will shake her into raising her weapon again. It doesn't, and for a brief moment he looks at her before his face screws up in rage.

"Do it! Just shoot!"

She's sure her face is showing a myriad of emotions by now as she looks at him and notices something she's never seen in a vampire before, not after they've fed and relished in their first kill.


Every part of him is screaming out that he's a threat but she can't move past the look in his eyes and as she takes a step forward, he straightens himself up as though he's prepared for death.

She's seen a lot, most of the things well beyond what anybody should see, but she's never seen a vampire chained up by his own kind before and knows it can mean only one thing. That he's too dangerous for them. The only thing that stops her from shooting him right there on the spot is that look and she realises that they're not afraid of some renegade vampire tearing the city apart and causing mayhem and destruction - they're afraid he won't.

There's something left in him, some spark, and it's this that makes her hold his attention, waiting for him to stop struggling against the chains in an attempt to die.

"There's another way."

He doesn't speak as he frowns at her and his head tilts ever so slightly to the right.

"I can cure you."

His frown freezes on his face and he's as still as a statue. She's almost afraid that time has somehow frozen all around her but his eyes widen with something akin to hope and she blinks, waiting for a response. He takes a deep breath in as if he's assessing how much he can trust her before he gives her the briefest of nods and she quickly pulls the tranq gun from her pocket and shoots him in the neck. The dart flies true and he drops almost instantly.

As she makes quick work of the chains holding him in place, she hears the rest of the group closing in on her position and a faint smile traces her lips. Perhaps all is not lost after all: one hundred vampire deaths can't make up for being in time to save one life. And that's all she needs.


Sometimes you pull me back, back from the edge
I rescue you, back from the dead
We got lost along the way but we got here in the end

Her eyes searched the crowd in front of her. People were walking every which way trying to find someone or something to tell them where to go. Each one was covered in soot and there wasn’t a single person in sight who wasn’t bleeding from somewhere. A particularly injured man stumbled into her path and she reached out her arms and managed to catch him as he fell. He looked up in gratitude.

“That’s the second time someone has caught me before I fell today. My lucky day, huh? Guess I should get a lottery ticket...”

She politely chuckled as she helped him toward a tent that had been set up as a medical base. Injured people were being ferried in and out, some to get first aid and others, the more seriously injured, on their way to the hospital. A woman with a clipboard reached them and as she took his details, Lois led him to a nearby chair and helped him sit. He winced at the new position but she knelt down beside him to make sure he wouldn’t fall.

A tall skinny guy approached him and she recognised him from the bullpen. He completely ignored her and focused solely on the man beside her.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

She was about to chase him off when the man beside her leant forward and started coughing. She laid a hand on his back in reassurance.

“Was about to... start saying some prayers when a... a man appeared out of nowhere and started pulling us all from the room.”

The rookie leant forward, intent on catching every detail but she stood quickly. “Get lost.”

“Make me, Lane! This isn’t your story to- “

“It’s not a story! At the moment it’s a tragedy and there are still victims coming in. If you wanna do something, how ‘bout you stop thinking about yourself and start thinking about others!”

He turned on his heel and walked off but it wasn’t until he exited the tent that she realised he’d probably just ‘help’ someone who was still able to talk and give him his story. She shook her head and knelt down beside the man again.

“The man who rescued me- “

She shook her head adamantly. “No, I’m not here reporting,” she said as he started coughing again, small flecks of blood starting to stain the handkerchief he was coughing into. “I’m just gonna go get some help.”

The man grabbed her arm before she could leave. “You don’t understand. He saved my life and now he’s trapped!”

Fear gripped her and she looked at the hand on her arm. “What?”

“When he was pulling me from the rubble, the ceiling caved in and he disappeared. He’d managed to push me toward the fire exit on fourth and someone helped me down but I never saw him come out of there. He’s got to be still trapped!”

She pulled her arm from his grasp and started running. He was alright, she reasoned with herself, he was completely fine and the icy fear that was tightening its grip around her heart was all for nothing. But she couldn’t let it go and she had to make sure. If nothing else, then for peace of mind.

She found her eyes scanning every single person she moved passed. Before she knew what she was doing, she found herself in the stairwell and climbing over large bit of debris. Several people looked at her in confusion as she headed into the horror they were escaping but she paid them no attention as she focused on climbing up far enough.

She knew the exit the man was talking about just by looking at it. A large beam was obstructing the majority of the entrance and she carefully climbed underneath it, glancing around at the destruction before her. The ceiling had indeed collapsed in and she was trying to find a way to get a look when she spotted an arm sticking out from the edge of the collapse. The rolled up, once white business shirt was covered in dirt and blood and she quickly climbed around until the saw the rest of the body that the arm belonged to.


His body had been protected from the majority of the falling concrete by the desk he had fallen beside. One arm was underneath the broken desk, the concrete on an angle off of it and she tried not to think about the fact that if he was a centimetre to the left, he’d be dead. She knelt beside him and tried to pull him out. Her feet slipped and she fell as his eyes opened.

“Get out of here now!” he ground out.

She ignored the happiness at the sound of his voice. “Not on your life, Smallville! How do you always manage to get yourself in these situations?”

She pulled again and an unseen, faintly glowing, paperweight fell from its position atop of some concrete and slipped between some desks a couple of metres away. She gave a final pull and his arm pulled out from underneath the crumpled desk and the concrete groaned around then. Clark stood carefully and moved straight for the exit, pushing her in front of him as she tried to turn around and assess his injuries.

“Wait! You’re hurt!”

“We can sort that out downstairs. We’ve gotta go before this whole thing comes down!”

As they joined the last few people slowly exiting the building, she turned around and looked him over. He rolled his eyes her.

“I’m fine!”

“You’re covered in blood!”

He looked down at the stains on his shirt and knew there were no longer any injuries underneath to explain them. “They’re not mine,” he answered easily.

“You shouldn’t have gone in there,” he said suddenly, his eyes serious as he tried to convey the gravity of the situation.

“I had to! I found out that someone had gone and got themselves trapped while trying to rescue people and I thought, ‘There’s only one person stupid enough to do that alone’.”

“You could have been killed in there!” he all but yelled but the harshness had been replaced with a softness that she found creeping into his voice more often these days.

“I had to!” She rolled her eyes to lessen the tension. “Besides,” she said as she turned away, “if you weren’t around, who’d bring me my coffee in the mornings?”


It's so hard to tell what's in your heart
What you keep to yourself is tearing me apart
And should I be afraid to dream about you?
And if you feel the same, what you gonna do?

“So you’re just leaving then?”

She noticed his body momentarily stiffen before he pushed the laptop into the bag and zipped it up.

“The job is finished. I found a possible case in Nambucca and with Dean’s driving, we should be there by tomorrow night.”

She braced her body for a fight. She’d already lost too much in her life and hell would have to freeze over before she’d willingly let people go now. Especially if they were as important as he was.

“Look, I know you’re afraid Sam but you can’t keep running. You can’t- “

“What? Do you expect me to just walk away from this case, just let those people die? I can’t do that and I didn’t think you were the kind of person who would.”

She pushed back her hurt and walked quickly over to him, laying a hand on his forearm. He looked at her but his expression was guarded and she fought the urge to lower her eyes to the floor.

“Don’t do this. Please. We can always give a heads up to someone nearby, maybe send someone down there. Please don’t just walk away.”

She could have just kicked herself when she felt the warmth grow in her eyes and the tears begin to pool. She hadn’t wanted to cry – not in front of him. Not now. If he was going to leave her then she wanted to know that she could look back on the moment and know that she was brave. She’d fought demons and monsters, been the sole focus of a hell god intent on returning to her dimension and helped an army of Slayers raid a Hellmouth. She was not going to be the girl who cried because a guy left.

His expression softened and he reached a hand up to her face, his thumb brushing away a tear that ran unbidden down her cheek as he took a deep breath.


She pulled away from him and faced the door. Her cheek was suddenly cold from the loss of contact and she ignored the voice in her head that begged her to just turn back around and wrap her body around him in an effort to absorb as much warmth as possible. It seemed utterly ridiculous but she could swear that her heart was actually breaking. Her head reasoned that he hadn’t been there long enough for her to start dreaming of two point five kids with a golden retriever and a white picket fence but she knew better. It was more than a crush, she’d known it the moment they first kissed, and now she was going to pay for letting herself get carried away.

There was a stillness behind her and she knew him well enough to know that he was debating whether or not to try and make amends before leaving but as he picked up his duffle from the floor, she closed her eyes in pain.

The door swung open and she opened her eyes to see Dean standing in the doorway. He looked between them silently and she could have sworn she saw something akin to pity crossing his face before he nodded back outside. Sam strode past her and followed his brother through the door without looking back. The Impala’s engine rumbled to life and she heard the crunching of tires on the gravel as it reversed and pulled away from the school.

A deep sob wracked her body as she sank to her knees and dropped her head forward, tears spilling onto the tan carpeting. She hated that she was being such a girl about him leaving, that she was reduced to tears because he had moved on with his life. She hated that she felt empty.

But she’d also known what she was getting herself into when she had literally run into him in the cemetery outside of town that night and saw his blue eyes shine into hers. It wasn’t a crush that had consumed her thoughts and taken away her fears – she’d felt it down to her soul and she’d known, without a doubt, that he felt the same thing. Except now she was doubting because he’d walked out of her life as if she’d been nothing more than a fling, a momentary distraction.

The heard footsteps walking toward the guest rooms beside the school as the gravel crunched underneath and she couldn’t bring herself to look up. She knew that Buffy had just been giving her some time to herself and that her big sister would do what big sisters were supposed to do: she’d wrap her in her arms and tell her everything would be alright. She wouldn’t believe it but she’d nod anyway and let her sister stay beside her for the night as she cried herself to sleep.

Arms wrapped themselves around her as a body knelt beside hers and she looked up in confusion.


He gave her barely a moment to think before his mouth crashed against hers and his thumb brushed away the newly spilled tears. He pulled her body against his, one arm secured around her waist and the other on the back of her neck as he held her as close as he could. There was an apology in it, a plea for forgiveness and when she kissed him back, it held nothing but a promise.
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