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A few pieces I've written for [ profile] frankandmeme and [ profile] lj_scribe. None of them have won but I love writing them anyway - although sometimes my submissions aren't exactly my best work :P I'll keep adding them as I write them but if you're ever interested in voting, just head over and take a look. There's a bunch of talented writers with some amazing pieces!

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Title: I Get By
Status: Complete
Rating: PG
Summary: Listen, Transgenics don’t really do birthdays, especially after that whole fiasco at Jam Pony happened to land on Alec’s “birthday”. But when things have settled down, some files from Sandeman are found, and reveal, among other things, Joshua’s birthday. As expected, shenanigans occur.
Notes: For Dark Angel Reverse Bang. I picked a great mix by [ profile] ladyarcherfan3 and although I had a totally different piece in mind when I claimed it, this sort of took on a life of its own. Originally, it was a lot fluffier (and a lot funnier) but when I reached the ending, the beginning seemed wrong, and I started it again. I don't regret a minute of it though! SO much fun to write for the fandom again! :D
AO3 Link

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Well, a couple of weeks ago I disappeared from here and spent a few days on Tumblr. I've had a Tumblr account for awhile but I didn't really use it because Tumblr was too confusing and I didn't wanna take the time to learn :P But [ profile] sunriserooftops practically lives over there and I couldn't catch up with her on Twitter so I decided to visit. Not only did she manage to keep me there for a few days while I looked around and figured everything out but she got me hooked on Dramione... I am, by no means, an expert on HP and the only real exposure I've had to it is all you wonderful people in my life that have various pairings from the fandom but I was very inspired to make a bunch of art and write a couple of drabbles for [ profile] sunriserooftops. I promised I'd post everything here so enjoy!

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Another [ profile] scifibigbang BB fic that I chose to do art for! [ profile] realstone1903 wrote a fic called A Love Story Born Among The Stars and I loved the idea of it!! I was lucky enough to get to do the art for it and had a real challenge with it! I didn't want to give away too much of the fic but I wanted to draw you in. This is how I went :D

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My first of two [ profile] scifibigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] kittydesade's Underground: The Hollow Men. It's a fantastic fic and I knew I was going to love it just from the summary. Hence, why I picked it! :P I may or may not have been heavily influenced by Dark Angel (as my DA mates will recognise :P) but I kept everything relational to the fic because it's definitely not DA. I really hope you guys go read this 'cause you're really gonna love it. I've been exceptionally grateful to have done the art for fics with brilliant endings and this is no exception!

Summary: They thought they had mastered the genetics to turn off or on the perfect soldier. They were very, very wrong. Now their Defense department experiments have spilled out onto the streets, injuring a data courier and spreading through the underground of the city like a plague of street-level nightmares. And all it takes is one woman who knows more than they think to pull the thread and bring it all tumbling down.

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My second of three [ profile] fantasybigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] quantumlobster's brilliant fic, Dust And Water. It was nothing like I thought it would be! I absolutely loved it but my only warning is that you need to make sure you have your tissues with you when you read it! [ profile] pekori did the mix for this fic so make sure you have a look!

Summary: Aren, a young officer in the army of the Tyrunian Empire, is brought on trumped-up charges to an internment camp established by his own army to contain political prisoners, built in the middle of the enkava, the poisonous dead zone around the destroyed city of Dracia. He reluctantly joins the other captives in eking out a marginal existence, though there seems to be a hidden purpose to their actions that he cannot discern. Upon fleeing the camp after the other inmates were killed by Tyrunian soldiers in response to shifting political winds in the Empire, Aren finds himself the unwilling custodian of the secrets that they had risked their lives to preserve.

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Snagged from [ profile] hiddencait when it was originally posted but I've only had the chance to do it now :P
It's National Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you. Go to page 56. Copy the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the book. Post these rules as part of your post.

My friend told me, "I remember standing before the plate-glass window in my living room, staring out into the darkness, waiting for her to come home.

Also, as you guys know, I was so pumped about Zutara Week and I missed it :( I have my fics (which I'll post here for you guys) but I only got one wall done before I fell sick so it's all on its lonesome... oh well... The themes for the week were:

Day01: Mask
Day02: History
Day03: Social Networking
Day04: Secret
Day05: Awkward
Day06: Legendary
Day07: Caught

I tried, as I'm sure a lot of people did, to think outside the box and I chased down quotes relating to each of the themes, hoping for a different perspective. For a couple, I found different perspectives but chose another quote altogether that fit with what I had in mind. These are only short and I planned it that way; I didn't want these to be epically long or anything and if I didn't keep them short, I might have ended up using some of the ideas I have for my BB and I'm already in deep enough water with them :P They can all be individual pieces, I guess, but I was loosely going with moments from one fic :P

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My first of three [ profile] fantasybigbang fics that I chose to do art for and this was for [ profile] tehexile's AMAZING fic, The Adventures of Scribe. Fantastic fic, very tongue-in-cheek. Definitely check it out! I also must apologise for the art - I decided to try my hand at actually drawing the art so that it was more like what [ profile] tehexile had in mind but I haven't drawn in over ten years so my skills are somewhat... lacking. Not even sure if they were there to begin with. ANYWAY, I did up a few pages and then chucked a hissy fit in frustration but my hubby insisted I post anyway because he liked them so this is what I ended up with!

Summary: An unlucky apprentice to the Grand Library of Brokenshire is sent on an errand to retrieve an overdue library book from a dragon. On the way there, a mysterious object falls from the sky and almost hits him on the head. Just when he thinks things can't get any worse, the object turns out to be a piece of the machinery holding the world together, which is broken. He is sent to the Celestial Plane to return the piece to the Celestial Bureaucracy and make a complaint. When the overzealous Infernal Bureaucracy learn what is going on and decide that the world is beyond repair, it becomes a race against time to repair the world before it is removed from existence altogether.

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More goodies from [ profile] smallfandomfest. These are the rest of the Forwood ones (Tyler/Caroline) and the remaining walls will be various pairings. I thought I'd be able to post them all by now but things are hectic over there with the deadline coming up so I'll just have to roll the other walls out slower :P
Prompts: Can't Wait Any Longer; I Want To Be More Than Just Your Friend; I Know What You Are; We've Been Friends Now We'll Be Lovers; We're Just Friends
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More goodies from [ profile] smallfandomfest. These are all Forwood ones (Tyler/Caroline) and I'll do a whole bunch of Delena and Stelena ones before the deadline. Which is in like a week :P
Prompts: Baby, I'm Back; Just Want To Hold You; These Arms Of Mine; After her breakup with Matt, Tyler is there to pick up the pieces; Just Shut Up And Kiss Me; Coming Back For More
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Title: A Revolutionist History
Rating: M15+
Characters and/or pairings: Primarily Max, Alec and Cara (an OC) though everyone will make an appearance at some point.
Warnings: Violence, adult situations
Spoilers: Set post-'Freak Nation' so anything in the series :P
Summary: Support for the Transgenics has increased significantly to the point where a 'Transgenic Inclusion Policy' has been created to give Transgenics the rights they deserve. But speculation still surrounds the Transgenic population and the public wants to know more. Max and Alec agree to a 'in-depth' interview. The only problem is, Max and Alec remember things a little differently.
Authors note: Written for Raising Hell and the July/August '11 challenge. Because I had multiple ideas, I've decided to do each 'part' separately. The are all part of the one fic, the one interview, but you can read them individually if you want. I've also decided to include the weekly prompts from [ profile] tamingthemuse. I'll let you know what the prompt was with each part :)

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Another submission for my H/C Bingo Card. The prompt was 'COMBAT' and though there are several fandoms I could have used, there weren't a whole lot of prompts that I thought suited Trory so I went with this one! I've got a couple more that are pretty much done so they'll probably be posted tomorrow but it's nearly midnight so all I could get posted was this one :P

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I swear, I'm not procrastinating! Okay, *holds thumb and forefinger a millimetre apart* maybe a little. :D But I was already gonna do this and I needed something small to do first. A sleep deprived Skye is not a highly functional one... My SPNX fic, "Thicker Than Water" will be posted on the 18th. I've already done the post up (just kept it locked until then) and I promise that as soon as I have the ending done, I'll be adding the fic! There's some fantastic art for it and I'm very excited to show you all :D Until then, here is some A:tLA love :D

Music Shuffle Challenge: Place music on shuffle and write ten drabbles for the next ten songs. The catch? You can only write for the length of each song. Any fandom/pairing/etc. Great way to learn how to think and write cohesively! Give it a try! :D

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This is a submission for my H/C Bingo Card. I really should be finishing my BB but I couldn't help but procrastinate. Several of the prompts already have fandoms attached and I know exactly what I'm going to do for them and this was one. This was for the prompt "BROKEN BONES". The scene was utterly heartbreaking and I just had to do something for it. I promise, I'm gonna head off and try and finish it! :P

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Okay, so I thought I should probably show you guys the headers that I've made for [ profile] remixed, the header competition for LJ. I've submitted one every month since Dec '10 and I love making them. It'd be so awesome to see my header at the top of the page but there are so many amazing artists out there. You should see some of the submissions! I'm always surprised at what people come up with!

Anyway, in the beginning, I made them from scratch, but then I got permission from an amazing photographer, Marc Hutchinson, to use some of his shots for the headers so the last three are from his photos. If you click on the images, you'll see the larger sizes. The first one is a 'Log In', the other is 'Log Out'. I would love any concrit or ideas for later months :D

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Title: A Cry In The Dark
Rating: MA15+
Summary: Just how thin is the line between love and hate?
Notes: My very first Whax fic. Written for the brilliant Shay at Raising Hell who insists on pushing me out of my comfort zone. I don't know if this is any good but it was the only thing I could think of when the completely foreign notion of Whax was thrust at me.

A Cry In The Dark )
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There was a challenge over at Raising Hell called 'Opening Lines' where there were a bunch of opening lines from books/film and they had to be used as opening lines in our own pieces. I've separated them into two lots so that the posts aren't as long.

Opening Lines Pieces )
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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] scenes20in20. Alright, you've no doubt just seen this post go up but I actually didn't realise which comm it was for and [ profile] needtakehave just told me that I'd done it wrong. Oops! :D If nothing else, you get double the Buffy icons so YAY! But I have redone the icons so that they are actually the ones they are supposed to be :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle, I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Series

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My 20in20 icons for [ profile] onlytext20in20. Okay, now through this challenge I have discovered that I suck at only text icons but the good news for you guys is that I figured it out now! I'm gonna be checking out all of the other entires so that I can figure out how everyone else does it and hopefully next time it will be a better set :P

EDIT: If, by some miracle, I actually win, I would love a winners banner. Please and thank you :D

Please do not use without permission or credit. WARNING: Image heavy.

[20] Text Only



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