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So, as I've already mentioned before, there's fundraising going on over at [ profile] stop_sids and I'm gonna put up an offer post over there but I realised that I was a little behind in my art/fics for the Forclosure Sucks! so I'm just catching up first. A HUGE apology to [ profile] homentheatre, [ profile] krys_oak and [ profile] thewickedquill for the delay; I wasn't very well for a while and these completely slipped my mind. Fortunately, they all knew what was going on in RL and aren't fazed but I still want to apologise! This is the first post with requested walls by [ profile] homentheatre and [ profile] krys_oak. More is on the way but I realised I couldn't post it all at once otherwise it would be too long :P

[1] Bones - Booth/Brennan
[1] Caprica - Gen
[1] Gilmore Girls - Tristan/Rory
[1] Harry Potter - Harry/Hermione
[1] Smallville - Clark/Lois
[1] The Vampire Diaries - Damon/Elena

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Snagged from [ profile] svgurl:

The first TEN people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing. I think you know by now what I do/don't ship? If not, just ask. :)

01. [ profile] alyse - King/Abigail (Blade: Trinity) - [AND THERE HE WAS]
02. [ profile] svgurl - Clark/Lois (Smallville) - [SOMEHOW WE'RE STILL STANDING]
03. [ profile] sarah_jones - Sam/Dawn (SPN/BtVS)- [BEFORE WE BREAK}

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Over at [ profile] cw_land we had a challenge for Post Secrets. You know, the place where people can go and post a secret and get it off of their chest? Well, we had to do something similar but from a characters point of view. I was unsure about this at first seeing as I hadn't really heard of Post Secrets but I ended up having a lot of fun and did a bunch before I realised I'd done too many :P Thought I'd post them here for you to enjoy too! :D

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You guys know me... so it should come as no surprise that I decided to combine my 'Halloween City' fics with a [ profile] 5_times table and a [ profile] 7_crossovers table. There had to be thirteen fics all up for [ profile] xoverland and although five and seven does not make thirteen, I can't use Part Six (Anita Blake) in either of them because the author has asked for it not to be. Well, not my piece specifically, just anybody in general :P And don't be alarmed at the thought of thirteen fics and all of the different fandoms - I wrote the bare minimum (500 words) at least and I had to use thirteen fandoms (requirement of the [ profile] xoverland challenge). Took me FOREVER to find thirteen separate fandoms and ended up having to ask [ profile] krys_oak for help on them because my circle is still fairly small. Hence the Tinkerbell fic (I was desperate!) :P Have a look and tell me what you think.

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I put together some gifts for some of the members at [ profile] scifiland. There is, of course, points allocated for the various gifts you can give and a total of 25 max, but I wanted the chance to make gifts for those I don't normally make gifts for. I picked one person from each of the first five pages and at least on from every team (though I do believe that there is two Team Hero members on there - I can't resist making things for my team :P)

Image heavy and as usual, please don't use without permission or credit.

An Oliver/Lois/Clark fanmix )

Back to the Future icons )

Team Anti-Hero icons )

Miss Parker icons )

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These are my submissions for the Drabble-A-Thon Challenge (Nov '09) over at Paradise Lost. The participants were asked to pick a table of ten prompts and then create a separate piece for each one. The only conditions were that each table had to have ten pieces of the same pairing/fandom, same format (ie/ ten art or ten drabbles) and that the selected table had to be filled before another was attempted. It was very hard to choose just one table because they were all so good so I did each of the four tables. My two fic submissions were I Never Knew... (Trory) and Don't Look Back (Dean/Faith) and the two art ones below fall into Clois (made for Tany) and Obi-wan/Buffy (for [ profile] kerrykhat ). Check out these art pieces and let me know what you think.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

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Snappy Shakespeare Sentences Challenge

Made for the June '09 challenge at Paradise Lost. We were given a bunch of quotes from various Shakespeare pieces and asked to make art, vid or fics out of them. I made both art and fic. Another important note is that for the majority of '09, my then-lappy had a much brighter screen so some of these may be a little dark.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

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These are the banners I made for the Picture That Challenge (May '09) over at Paradise Lost. The participants were given a set of manipped pics and asked to do something with them - either art or fiction. They were of Clois, Dean/Faith, Sam/Faith, Dean/Buffy and Alec/Buffy. Don't think I won an award for this challenge though :P
Another important note is that for the majority of '09, my then-lappy had a much brighter screen so some of these may be a little dark.

Please don't use without permission or credit.

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