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Day 14 & 15

TOTALLY not my fault this time! As you all know, LJ was down last night (well, night for me) so I couldn't post it then so there's a double one today :D Yesterday's question and today's kinda go hand in hand anyway, so I don't mind putting them together.

Day 14. A pairing you think gets too little attention.

Definitely Jarod and Miss Parker from The Pretender! I first saw this show when I was a kid and I was probably still a little young for it at the time but I still loved it!

There were three seasons and two movies but every time there was an unmistakable chemistry between them. They were truly the childhood sweethearts - ya know, except for the whole 'enemies' things ;) - and you always knew they were going to end up together! I mean, all those times he got away? That MUST be love!!! :P

Day 15. An unpopular pairing that you like.

Okay, well, Sam Winchester/Dawn Summers aren't exactly unpopular but in the overall picture *waves arms around* they are. There are plenty of other pairings people prefer but I love Sam and Dawn together :) though I do admit to doing most of my Sam/Dawn shipping post s7.

There are a million reasons why I love these two together and I even did a manifesto for them. As you all know, I have a zillion BtVS/SPN fics and they're all pretty much in the same timeline; post s7 of BtVS where Dawn has matured and isn't so young. There's also nothing (except the s8 comics that I ignore) that stops me from sending Dawn to Stanford where she can run into Sam *grins cheekily*


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